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Touch Of Eternity - 1997 - Bestial
Demons - 2017 - Loud Rage
Underground - 2023 - Loud Rage

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ALIN PETRUȚ - Dadu [Dragoș Tigaeriu]>>Syn Ze Șase Tri

Kempes>>Alin Moise>>Kempes - Kempes>>ALIN PETRUȚ>>Kempes - BOGDAN BANCILA

Kempes>>TALY [CSABA TALPAI]>>Kempes

Alexandre Animal - DANI CĂTINEAN

Fading Bliss>>FLORIAN LYSY>>Fading Bliss

History & Biography
The band was death metal upon formation in 1992, but became softer and more commercial by drifting into goth overtime. The act appeared at a local rock show organised by Romanian television in 1995. The group disbanded in 1998 and Alin moved to Romania in 2000 where he would continue Gothic. The band changed its name because a French band was also called Gothic. It became Ali(e)n in 2003, but switched to Innerfire in 2004. The new monickers were helmed by Alin Petruț who had relocated to Belgium and was working with Painkiller Records. The man was deported from Belgium back to Romania in 2005. Innerfire continued, but Gothic was reformed in Belgium with a new lineup.

Spheres Of Madness was the early and 1994 demo. Evolution and III (Eternity) demos followed. The debut album Touch Of Eternity was issued by the Romanian Bestial Records. The band released a demo called Destiny Of Blood in 2002 before changing its name.

The band won a contest and played at Wacken. Expect The Worst was a 2013 demo. Loud Rage issued the band’s second album in 2017. It was called Demons. This allowed the band to play at the Saarang festival in India in 2017. Romania-based Gothic was marking the return of Alin Petruț as singer in 2023, with lyrics exclusively in Romanian language, with an album called Underground through Loud Rage. The demon on the cover was fast becoming the group’s mascot. The band had several gigs lined up sporadically.