Gothic Knights - 1996 - Sentinel Steel
Kingdom Of The Knights - 1999 - Sentinel Steel
Up From The Ashes - 2003 - Limb

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Rick Sanchez - Bryan Waldman>>Majestic Symphony - Rick Sanchez



Brian Dispost - Kevin Myers>>Malakis Reign, Cypher Seer, Psychoprism - Virgin Steele>>Frank Gilchriest>Riot

History & Biography
Gothic Knights was formed by John Tzantis in March of 1990 in New York City as a heavy metal band. Greece-born George Tsalikias, who would go on to form Zandelle, was a member of Gothic Knights.

A debut appeared in 1996, which sold 1,500 copies. The quartet next signed with Sentinel Steel, on the strength of a free demo called To Hell And Back, for a follow-up. The second album featured vocalist Bryan 'Avatar' Waldman and drummer Kevin Myers. This effort was mixed by Eric Rachel at Trax East Studios (Symphony X, Whiplash, Skid Row).

Rick Sanchez would return to the fold in 2001 however. Tony Cianciotto would take over the stool. Virgin Steele's Frank Gilchriest would soon supplant him however.

The band would record a new demo in 2001 and have a song from it appear on a Rock Hard Magazine compilation. A pre-album demo was further completed in the spring of 2002 as the band readied for the recording album number three entitled Up From The Ashes. The album appeared in late 2003 in Europe and early 2004 in the USA. The band was also provisionally joined by Dan Castro as second guitarist. Singer and guitarist Dan Castro decided to leave Gothic Knights and Magus Beast in order to focus on Castrofate. The latter band was recruiting members. The group issued a 2012 demo called Reflections From The Other Side. It was distributed by several labels. Kevin DeDario had been on drums since 2003. Dave The 3rd (David Seligman) had been on second guitar since 2008. Brian Dispost died in 2015. Gabriel Colon joined on vocals in 2016. Sanchez had left again as of 2013. The act was on stage opening for Dragonforce in New York in 2017. The band opened for Vicious Rumors and appeared at Blades of Steel Metal Festival 3.0 in 2023.



Gothic Knights