Pain Provider - 2005 – Lugburz
Zonderlingen – 2021 - Headbangers

Gotmoor image
Sereneless, Heimat, Nihil-X>>Clauwaert [Virus]>>Sereneless, Heimat, Nihil-X, Verloren, Dead Inside – Mordancy, Burial, Bullcreek>>D’N OSSCHAERT [ANGELO DE BRUIJN]>>Bullcreek

Nevel>>Ater - Worthless, Grimfaug, Paragon Impure >>Norgaath>>Worthless, Grimfaug, Paragon Impure, Urzamoth, Coldborn, Nightbringer, Enthroned – Verloren, Worthless, Paragon Impure>>Noctiz [Tibor Gurka]>>Verloren, Paragon Impure, Worthless, Lugubrum, Dead Inside, A Thousand Sufferings – Ater>>NEVEL>>Ater – Darkest Mind, Ars Veneficium>>YURI D.>>Darkest Mind, Ars Veneficium

Dodeweert - Heimat>>Strop>>Heimat – STORM [GINO MOYAERTS]

Deception, Worthless, Heimat, Pagan Impure>>Storm [Gino Moyaerts]>>Deception, Worthless, Heimat, Pagan Impure – Huldrefolk, Fractured Insanity, Theudho, Darkest Mind>>HAMMERMAN IGNACE VERSTRATE]>>Fractured Insanity, Theudho, Darkest Mind


History & Biography
Drummer Storm (a guitarist in death metal band Deception) and guitarist Nevel formed Belgium’s Gotmoor in 1996. The first release was the Dicht Bi Den Heerd demo of 1997. Another demo was issued in 1998 and named Uit Den Donkeren Grond Gerezen. The band featured singers Kris (formerly of Firesnakes) and Alastor for a while, but the men took off with the latter to concentrate on Vae Victis. The demos contained 6 tracks each and were described stylistically as Fast Troll black metal by the band. Ysenghrim left in 1999. Both demos were compiled later as the Vlaamsche Primitieven CD by Greece’s ISO666.

The band went quiet for nearly seven years until 2005 when in the summer Lugburz Productions announced a new CD by the band. The only remaining member from the previous incarnation at this point was drummer Storm. Clauwaert and Storm had played in Heimat earlier. The band’s newer sound featured less keyboards and more samples. The music was now described as 'Anti-Human Terror.' The group split up only to return in 2005, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that allowed the band to record. Storm was on bass now. Nevel was back.

Gotmoor is Flemish for slime. The band sang in Flemish at first, but changed to English later.


Here is living proof that some things do get better in this discredited world if reports of Gotmoor’s early days as a band with a keyboardist mean anything. Pain Provider is true to its name, mean and harsh. No hints of poppy keyboards here.
In contrast, the band’s comeback album is odious and riddled with sinister tones from start to finish. The band’s songs are relatively short with only one going above the five-minute mark. A couple of the tracks, like The Judgement and The Abjection Of abhorrence, are just tormented samples, but the bulk of the material is belligerent death metal. Lebensraum, I Am The God Of Anal Torture and others blast out of the infernal gates, while others like the aforementioned sampled pieces, the clownish laughter on Dread My Coming or the amusing intro on Family Man insert some variety of the darker kind. Additionally, watch for several Germanic titles for these furious death storms. - Ali “The Metallian”