Mouryou/Spirits And Goblins – 2009 – Bang The Head
Legend Of Shadow – 2013 - Bang The Head
Retributive Justice – 2015 – Bang The Head
Where Warriors Once Dreamt A Dream - 2016 - Bang The Head
The Final Stand – 2018 - Bang The Head

S= Horrific Disease>>HARUHISA TAKAHATA>>Horrific Disease
G= Veiyadra>>Go Shimada>>Veiyadra, Guevnna - Hemorrhoid Carnage, Desecravity>>Atsushi Takahashi>>Hemorrhoid Carnage, Desecravity - KEIICHI ENJOUJI
B= Horrific Disease, Defiled>>HARUHISA TAKAHATA>>Horrific Disease, Defiled
D= Hirotaka Nakazawa>>Hater – Gauntlet, Metalbastard, Dimend>>KOUKI AKITA>>Gauntlet, Metalbastard, Dimend

Saitama Prefecture is located just north of Tokyo. The prefecture has a historic town called Kawagoe. It is no wonder that Gotsu Totsu Kotsu (兀突骨) hails from there and focuses on the history of Japan and the lore of the samurai. The group’s albums and songs are entitled and sung in Japanese. The band may harbour influences from Gagoyruu/Gargoyle.

The band was founded in the year 2000 and issued three demos in rapid succession. The band’s debut came in 2009. Mouryou refers to Japanese demonology. Drummer Hirotaka Nakazawa was in the band between 2000 and 2014. The band’s name is inspired by ancient warlords. The band has toured Europe, Asia and opened for The Crown in Japan.



Gotsu Totsu Kotsu