Der Prophet Des Chaos - 1999 - CCP
Encyclopaedia Infernalis - 2001 - CCP
The Serpent Within Paradise – 2003 – CCP
Agash Daeva – 2007 – Black Blood
Sin – 2011 - Twilight
Bloodline Divine – 2017 - Massacre
Scion – 2021 - Talheim

S= Hecatomb>>JAN KLEPEL
G= Andre Feder - C. BADTKE – Death Embrace, Haradwaith>>C.L. [CHRISTIAN LEOPOLD]>>Death Embrace, Haradwaith
B= Andre Recklis - Gabor Antok – Lightningz Edge, Haradwaith>>S.E. [Steffen Ellebood]>>Lightningz Edge, Haradwaith
D= Dirk Lakowitz – Lightningz Edge, Death Embrace, Impact>>B.S. [BENJAMIN STEPHAN]>>Lightningz Edge, Death Embrace, Impact
K= Kristin Müller

The history of Grabak started with the death of FFF vocalist Mike P. in 1995. The band recruited Klepel to front FFF who joined Andre Reckelis, Lakowitz, and a guitarist called Dominic. Dominic soon left the band and was replaced by Andre Feder. Several live shows followed. The band's sole demo was self-titled and appeared in 1997. With a three-year contract in hand the band recorded its debut in the spring of 1999.

Soon though this black metal band fired its keyboardist to focus on a harder sound. Feder also quit.

The band is unusual in that they utilize two bass guitars.

The band announced in late 2001 that the next album will be entitled The Serpent within Paradise and be available in mid-2003. In the meanwhile the band had managed to catch up with its former manager and retrieve some $2000 Cdn. worth of cash and merchandise!

The name stands for one of the four serpents which destroyed the roots of the Yggdrasil tree in the Nordic myth Edda. Grabak terms itself Saxonian Black Metal!