Silence Endless - 2005 - Black Hate
Death Born - 2007 - Black Hate
Skull Baptism - 2010 - Black Hate

S= Darkmoon Warrior>>GREIFENOR [STEFAN VOGEL]>>Darkmoon Warrior
G= Darkmoon Warrior, Akrival>>GREIFENOR [STEFAN VOGEL]>>Darkmoon Warrior, Akrival
B= Coldblood, Magnificat>>HACKEBEIL>>Coldblood, Magnificat
D= Zahgurim>>ULVERNOST>>Zahgurim

Born in Berlin 2,000 years following the birth of a failed son the German band began issuing independent bodies of blasphemy with names like Under The Veil Of Mist (2002), Beyond The Hate (2003) and Raffmix (2004). The line-up here was singer and guitarist Greifenor and drummer Ulvernost. The band lacked a bass player as Greifenor had handled those strings in the past. He had obtained assistance from Nervengas, Mondwulf and Zorn musician Astaroth.

The band signed with Black Hate Productions and issued its debut on April 26th of 2005. Death Born introduced bassist Hackebeil. The group toured Brazil in 2007. The band shot a video for the song Storm of Maggots. A cassette and a LP version followed in 2008. 2010 brought Skull Baptism.