Historias – 2012 - Tommy Gun
Apocalyptic Metal – 2013 - Tommy Gun
Prisionego – 2015 - Tommy Gun
Sincronizado – 2017 - Symbol Of Domination
Like Wars - 2023 - Tommy Gun

Granada image

Manuel "Manolo" Mauriño - GUILLERMO "GUILLE" ESTEVEZ

Alejandro Taranto - Rastro Juan Franco - MARCOS COLOMBI

Marcelo Lambertti - Andrés Beaudoux – Khumeia>>Marcos Edwards>>Khumeia - Ave Fenix, Genetica, Buenos Aires, Tim Ripper Owens, Drenaje, Lovorne, Nepal, Larry Zavala>>ADRIAN ESPOSITO>>Drenaje, Lovorne, Nepal

History & Biography
Granada’s PrisionEgo re-release was out through Symbol Of Domination in the summer of 2016. The Argentinean band shared a name with a Spanish city, but was formed in 2007 in Buenos Aires the capital of that country by Guillermo Estevez (vocals and guitar) and Manolo Maurino (guitars). Its 2010 demo was called Tocá Metal, Cagón, which translated to ‘Play Metal, you pussy’. Having signed with Argentina’s Tommy Gun Entertainment the group’s debut, Historias, appeared in 2012. This was followed by Apocalyptic Metal a year later. The band toured Mexico. The end having not arrived PrisionEgo was issued in 2015. The “Cyclothymic metal band” released its 2020 studio mini-album entitled Amarre through Metal Scrap. The band was Guille Estévez on vocals and guitars, Marcos Edwards on drums and second guitarist Damian Mayster.

Sistema Nervioso was a 2021 demo. Like Wars was a 2023 album. The band had a video for the song Masters and played several concerts in Argentina in 2023.

The band has had as many drummers as Donald Trump has had hookers/wives. Seriously… did not mean to insult…. Granada… it is just that comparisons stimulate the mind. Otherwise, it is not Metallian’s intention to compare the band to the choice of American Christians and evangelicals for president and denigrate the Argentinean band.