Intervening Coma-Celebration - 2002 - Sound Riot

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S= Diogenes BCE>>SIGURD DYBING>>Diogenes BCE

G= Diogenes BCE>>SIGURD DYBING>>Diogenes BCE - Sanefall>>Terje Stangeland

B= Sanefall>>Roland Johnsen

D= Sanefall>>Kristian Stoelan>>Sanefall, Diogenes BCE

K= Sanefall>>Sigurd Dybing>>Sanefall

History & Biography
Grand Alchemist was formed in Holmestrand, Norway in 1995. The initial line-up used the Morrheim name and was comprised of Dybing and Stoelan.

The band played at Inferno Festival in 1992. Morrheim released The Midwinter Frost demo in autumn of 1996. With the addition of guitarist Kim a second demo dubbed Forever Night Infinity appeared in 1997. However by 1998 the band found itself pursuing a new direction and soon a name change was in order. Now operating as Grand Alchemist, a six-song demo was recorded in 1999 at Elg Studio. Simply dubbed Promo, the CD started to spread the band's name in the underground. Kim left the band and was replaced by guitarist Stangeland. He was followed by the arrival of bassist Roland Johnsen.

The Norwegians signed with Sound Riot Records in early 2002 and soon re-entered Elg Studio with producer Rune Thoen. Tom Kvålsvoll mastered the album at Strype Studio in May, 2002. Sound Riot released Intervening Coma-Celebration in late 2002. Dybing wrote all music and lyrics. The band was booked for the Hammerslag Festival in 2005. Stoelan moved to bass in 2011 after having left the band and the drum position due to Stoelans years ago. Disgusting Hedonism was a 2012 independent release. Anders W was on keyboards here. Drummer John Vooren was also in DHG and had been with the group since 2005. The band became inactive and two members became more preoccupied with Diogenes BCE later.


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