Grand Magus - 2001 - Rise Above
Monument - 2003 - Rise Above
Wolf’s Return - 2005 - Rise Above/Candlelight
Iron Will - 2008 - Rise Above
Hammer Of The North - 2010 - Roadrunner
The Hunt - 2012 - Nuclear Blast
Triumph And Power - 2014 - Nuclear Blast
Sword Songs – 2016 – Nuclear Blast
Wolf God – 2019 – Nuclear Blast

Grand Magus image
Cardinal Fang, Spiritual Beggars>>JB CHRISTOFFERSSON>>Spiritual Beggars


Cardinal Fang, Bajen Death Cult>>FOX SKINNER [MATS HEDEN]>>Bajen Death Cult

Morning Wood>>Fredrik ''Trisse'' Liefvendahl - Sebastian "Seb" Sippola - Spiritual Beggars, Shining>>LUDWIG WITT>>Spiritual Beggars

History & Biography
Grand Magus has been unleashing death, doom and destruction since the year of someone’s lord 1999 out of Stockholm. Cardinal Fang members formed the band. Drummer Liefvendahl was discovered at a Deep Purple fan gathering. The band went the traditional route and issued a Demo 1999 followed by a 2000 demo. The year after delivered a split with Spiritual Beggars with whom the band would share members as well. Southern Lord issued the Twilight single. The group signed with Rise Above Records and went into full-length mode. Fred Estby of Dismember produced the first record. Its debut, and following two albums, featured Fredrik ''Trisse'' Liefvendahl on drums. The band was on a Candlelight Records USA sampler in the summer of 2005 as the said label was distributing Rise Above in the land of the damned and the land of the enslaved. The group toured with Candlemass and Cathedral. He would leave in the spring of 2006. A replacement, Sippola, was found a month later. The new man’s first record was July, 2008’s Iron Will. The album would be the group’s last for the UK label. In the summer of 2010 Spiritual Beggars asked singer Janne "J.B." Christoffersson to leave so he can focus on Grand Magus. The Swedes released a new album, Hammer Of The North, on June 23rd through Roadrunner Records. The album was recorded at 301 Studio in Sweden. The band signed with Nuclear Blast in April of 2012 and issued its already recorded album. Ludwig Witt of Spiritual Beggars and Shining was the new drummer as of 2012. Grand Magus would release an album, Triumph And Power, on January 31st, 2014 through Nuclear Blast. The follow-up to 2012’s The Hunt was engineered by Nico Elgstrand. Grand Magus released a new album, called Wolf God, through Nuclear Blast in April. The album was produced by Staffan Karlsson. Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, At The Gates and Grand Magus would tour North America using the Berserker monicker in September 2019. The name was taken from Amon Amarth’s latest album. The band sheltered in place for the pandemic and only emerged in 2022 with select concerts like Summer Dying Loud.



Grand Magus