Sign Of Doom – 2008 – Ketzer
Insult – 2010 - Ketzer
Unblessed Bootleg Live In Bressuire – France – 2012 – Sun & Moon
Dust To Lust – 2016 - Season Of Mist
Immundissime Spiritus - 2023 - From Descent/Goat Eyaculation

Grave Desecrator image

BUTCHERAZOR [RAFAEL GUIMARÃES] - Poisonous>>Black Sin And Damnation [Renato Varjolo]>>Poisonous, Podridão

Kuld>>Necrogoat>>Kuld - Poeticus Severus, Apokalyptic Raids, Ancient Sign Glorify, The UnhaliGäst, Nekrokult, Born In Black>>Sub Umbra [Alan Aguinaga]>>Poeticus Severus, The UnhaliGäst, Nekrokult, Born In Black

The Endoparasites>>Angeldust – Raw Raze, S.M.A.C.K., Bestial Curse, Evil Slaughter, Apokalyptik Raids, Obsin, Internal Bleed>>Márcio "Slaughterer" Cativeiro>>Bestial Curse, Evil Slaughter, Apokalyptik Raids, Obsin, Internal Bleed, Gore – Psychoneurosis, Castifas, Nocturnal Worshipper, Coldblood, Syuren, Mysteriis>>M. KULT [MARCUS VINICIUS COUTINHO]>>Coldblood, Mysteriis

History & Biography
These guys have been desecrating graves in the Rio area since 1998. The founding line-up was F. Mordor (vocals), Valak Necrogoat (guitars) and Butcherazor (bass). F. Mordor was fired in 2007 due to “his lack of interest and sick behavior.” Demo 01 and Cult Of Warfare And Darkness established the Satan worshipping credentials of the band before a full-length was to arrive. The band also issued a split single with Catacumba in 2010. The Italian label Despise The Sun Records announced the release of a CD entitled Deathspells Rising containing Demo 01, the first 7” EP, old rehearsal tracks and a Bathory cover version. Chris Moyen would illustrate the cover artwork. Grave Desecrator also officially joined the Pulverised Records roster. An Album from the Brazilians was expected in 2012. A live album emerged. The band issued an album called Dust To Lust through Season Of Mist. Immundissime Spiritus was on a bunch of new labels. Alan Aguinaga was on bass, but did not last. Nathan Wicked came in for 2023. The band was in Chile and elsewhere in South America in 2023.



Grave Desecrator