Carpathian Wolves - 1994 - Eternal Devils
The Celtic Winter - 1994 - No Colours
Thousand Swords - 1995 - Lethal
In The Glare Of Burning Churches - 1996 - No Colours
Following The Voice Of Blood - 1997 - No Colours
Immortal Pride - 1999 - No Colours
Creed Of Iron - 2000 - No Colours
Memory And Destiny - 2002 - No Colours
The Fire Of Awakening – 2003 - No Colours
Dawn Of Iron Blades – 2004 - No Colours
Fire Chariot Of Destruction – 2005 - No Colours
Will Stronger Than Death – 2007 - No Colours
Spears Of Heaven – 2009 - No Colours
Thunderbolts Of The Gods – 2013 - No Colours
1050 Years Of Pagan Cult – 2016 - Heritage


S= Darken, Infernum, Legion, Oppressor, Lord Wind, Thoth, Woodtemple>>ROB DARKEN [ROBERT FUDALI]>> Legion, Oppressor, Lord Wind, Thoth, Woodtemple


Graveland is the band of one Rob Darken who professes hatred for Christianity, belief in white supremacy and affection for his Polish heritage. Oddly his and the band's moniker are not in Polish. The solo project was formed in the winter of 1991 and came to the underground's attention with the Necromanteion and Drunemeton demos of 1992. Further lo-fi tapes entitled Epilogue and In The Glare Of Burning Churches would later be pressed professionally. In 1993, drummer Capricornus (who would later have much trouble with the law) joined Graveland followed by Karcharoth in 1994. Despite this only Darken is a true member with the latter leaving the band in a bitter dispute and committing suicide in 2004. These musicians were also the core members of Infernum.

Darken would promote The Temple Of The Fullmoon in the mid-‘90s as a self-proclaimed Satanic organization. He would also run Isengard Distribution.

Thousand Swords was released by Austria's Lethal Records, which Darken later accused of theft. Darken would also accuse Osmose and Nuclear Blast of misdeeds. The group found a home in the racist No Colours Records. Following The Voice Of Blood featured the song White Hand's Power by convicted murderer Hendrik Möbus (a.k.a. Jarl Flagg Nidhögg) of the band Absurd from Germany. Immortal Pride was a softer album with much keyboard-orientation and a Viking theme.

Lord Winds is a folk rock band. In 2001 Darken released a split-CD with Polish skinheads Honor through the white power Resistance Records. The band’s Pamięć i przeznaczenie of 2012 was a rerecorded Memory And Destiny through new label Warheart. 2014’s Ogień Przebudzenia was a new version of The Fire Of Awakening. Darken changed the entirety of his backing band in 2015.

The Messe Des Morts festival, which was scheduled to take place in Montreal, Canada on Saturday, November 26th 2016 was cancelled “for safety reasons” following a campaign and protest by anti-fascist organizers against Poland’s Graveland, which is a NSBM and white supremacist band. This would have been Graveland’s first show in Canada.

Darken married Russian singer Olga Lantseva in 2016 and installed her as the vocalist for Lord Wind.