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Victim Of Chains - 1984 - Scratch
Back To Attack - 1985 - Scratch
Creating A Monster - 1986 - Scratch

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History & Biography
The act was founded by guitarist Rudi Dorner and drummer Mike Schmidt in 1977 after using two other monickers for the two preceding years. Neither founding member actually made it to the Gravestone stage. Doomsday was a 1979 demo. War was the name of the 1980 demo. Early singer Andy Müller died. This heavy metal band seemed to be no worse than other German metal bands, and in fact had a major national German TV appearance in 1984. Still, a lack of resources seemed to have ended the band's fortunes. Several members went on to release an album under the 48 Crash monicker.

Obviously the band returned in 2019 (as Gravestone) in order to play shows. The group appeared at Keep It True XXIII festival in that year. The act appeared at Keep It True Rising 2, Metalcova Fest in Spain and a concert with Firephoenix in 2022.