Ancient Storms Of War - 2000 - Barbarian Wrath
Dark Souls Of Hell - 2002 - Barbarian Wrath
Into Battle - 2003 - Barbarian Wrath
Under The Banner Of War - 2005 - Barbarian Wrath
Funeral Empire - 2009 - Time Before Time
Black Fire - 2010 - Time Before Time
Blood Of The Pentagram - 2010 - Hells Headbangers
Netherfind - 2011 - Funeral Empire
Infernal Minions - 2013 - Hells Headbangers

S= Tyrant
B= Massacre - Florence
D= Desecrator - Inverted Trifixion>>Mijail Ramirez>>Inverted Trifixion

The band was formed in Virginia in 1990 by Funeral on guitar and Blood on bass and vocals and quickly released two rehearsal tapes, called Morbid Death and Bestial Wrath, followed by a demo called Possessed By Darkness in 1993. Vocalist Tyrant left, but returned within a couple of years. Influenced by the ultra-thrash of the ’80s, the band recorded the Ancient Storms Of War LP in 1995 that was eventually only pressed on tape. Another demo (with session members) called Command Of Satan's Blade followed in 1998.

The band recorded music in 1995, which eventually becomes the Ancient Storms Of War album five years later courtesy of Barbarian Wrath. That record was limited to 666 copies. The band also has released a couple of 7" EPs. One split EP with Apocalyptic Raids featured members of Nunslaughter. A four-way split CD was issued in 2002. In 2004, Funeral was joined by Zyklon, bassist Florence and drummer Justin Goatblood. Mijail soon replaced Justin. The new line-up recorded a new album, Under The Banner Of War. By 2007, only Kevin was left standing from the classic line-up. The man had also renounced his Christianity in an act of defiance.

Hells Headbangers announced May 14th, 2013 as the release date for Gravewürm's new album, Infernal Minions.