Grenouer>>GreNOwar>>GRENOUER - RUSSIA

Border Of Misty Times - 1996 - More Hate
Gravehead - 1999 - More Hate
The Odour O' Folly - 2001 - More Hate
Presence With War - 2004 - CD-Maximum
Casket - 2007 - Casket
Lifelong Days - 2008 - Irond/Locomotive
Blood On The Face - 2013 - Mausoleum
Unwanted Today - 2015 - Mausoleum
Ambition 999 – 2019 - Sleaszy Rider

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Sergey Lialin - Demixed, Uncrossed>>Ilja "Grave" Kljutchinsky>>Uncrossed - DANNY D

History & Biography
Grenouer was formed in 1992 and played death metal. The band became progressively more mainstream and ended up mixing rock, thrash metal and industrial elements. The band’s first two demos were 1993’s Death Of A Bite and Fiery Swans of 1996. Three albums later through More Hate imprint the band issued several split releases with Thron. All of the equipment of the band was either destroyed in a 2005 fire at the band’s rehearsal place or became totally unusable due to water damage. This incident took place right at the peak of the band's preparation for its fifth full-length album with the dates for the recording sessions having already been booked at Astia studio in Finland. The Try appeared of 2005 was followed by the Thron full-length of 2007. It was recorded in Moscow, but mixed and mastered in Finland. This album was issued through the English mallcore label, Casket Music. Lifelong Days was issued by Irond in Russia and Locomotive in North America. Rt previously guitarist for Abortarium and Apokefale joined as the fifth member in 2008. Grenouer’s next album Blood On The Face was out in 2013 through Mausoleum Records. In 2014, Grenouer members were changing the band's name to GreNOwar until the end of the crisis in Crimea, which the Russian band considered, “caused by Russian government.” The band was back to its original monicker by 2015. Grenouer had a video for the song Blood On The Face. The band would release a 2015 album, Unwanted Today, on March 20th through Mausoleum Records. It was produced by Dualized (Mnemic, Voodoo Highway, Fear Factory, etc.). Grenouer’s ninth full-length album Ambition 999 was out on CD through Greek record-label Sleaszy Rider Records. The band was on Mausoleum previously. 2022 brought uploads called Paranoid Infinity and Mountain Sky in 2022. The act uploaded a song called A Foe Within in 2023.

COD is the band’s industrial side-project. The group has covered offbeat acts like A-ha and Godflesh.


Grenouer is a nihilistic Russian band with a fifteen year history behind it. T R Y is the band's fifth CD proper and apparently the furthest the band has moved from its death metal roots. In fact, the three-song, eleven-minute disc is completely mallcore in style. Chugging mallcore a la Incubus and Coal Chamber mix with dissonant influences from Fear Factory to make Grenouer a band after acknowledgement in the world of the MTVs and Kerrangs of the world. The band does a good job of it too. The presentation, sound and fluency is apparent for all to see and hear. Just do not expect much metal here. No price given but write to or visit to find out more. - Anna Tergel

Grenouer is a proficient band for its art and chosen style, but there is little that redeems the band for this writer’s personal style. It is a good bet, which is also indicated on the Russians’ biography, that Grenouer was a more authentic metal band upon formation so many years ago. More importantly, the band was in fact a metal band that many years ago. Nowadays, however, the quartet (more recently a quintet) has become comfortable doing a bad copy of Meshuggah and Fear Factory in the music department, while Andrej shows a close affinity for his idol, one Mr. Townsend. Amidst the quasi metal-slash-ambient sounds the songs veer into industrial and techno pieces. The riffs can be big and imposing like Korn (aaarrrggghh), but they are constantly undercut by the need to use techno-logy and trendy commercial elements. Too bad (for the band) this isn’t 1997 and Roadrunner Records has moved on from poseur to pure plain puke. Metal fans have one thousand better choices out there; korny mallcorers don’t buy anything not pushed via MTV/Much Music. Are there enough sheepish Russian expatriates around to push this album? - Ali “The Metallian”