The Fate Of Angels - 1999 - Nightfall
Tomorrow's In Doubt - 2002 - Maelstrom
Cold Dead Lands - 2020 - Old Souls Collective

Grey Skies Fallen image
S= Discolored Taint, Buckshot Facelift>>RICK HABEEB>>Discolored Taint, Buckshot Facelift

G= Discolored Taint, Buckshot Facelift, Reeking Aura>>RICK HABEEB>>Discolored Taint, Buckshot Facelift,Reeking Aura - Synesthesia>>Joe D'Angelo>>Synesthesia - Synesthesia, Umbersound>>JOE D'ANGELO>>Umbersound

B= Chris Montalbano - Jimmy White - Buckshot Facelift, Reeking Aura, Artificial Brain>>TOM ANDERER>>Buckshot Facelift, Reeking Aura, Artificial Brain

D= Aaron Williams - Discolored Taint, Buckshot Facelift>>SAL GREGORY>>Discolored Taint, Buckshot Facelift

K= Craig Rossi>>Drift into Black

History & Biography
This New York-based band was formed in 1996 by Habeeb and D'Angelo as Eve Of Mourning, but should not be confused with the Illinois band also called Eve Of Mourning. Grey Skies Fallen espoused the 'atmospheric' metal sound. Most of the band left following the debut's release - which was initially a self-distributed effort. Thereafter the band also parted ways with Nightfall Records and played the Metal Meltdown in its homeland.

The band signed to Maelstrom for the second album of late 2001. The band can also be heard on the Milwaukee Metalfest XIII Compilation and the first Annual November to Dismember sampler.

Two Way Mirror was a 2006 demo. Introspective was a three-track release in 2012. In 2014 Grey Skies Fallen was preparing to release an independent CD called The Many Sides Of Truth. Joe Sanci was back on guitar.

Former October Thorns front man Paul LaPlaca had joined the act for several months before quitting. Rossi left in 2015. Cold Dead Lands was reissued by GrimmDistribution in 2021. Tom Anderer was on bass. The band had a concert with Fellahin Fall, Solshade and Mother Of Graves in 2023. It had completed its newest album and was waiting for the label to release it.



Grey Skies Fallen