Glorious Death – 2016 - Arthorium
The Beginning – 2017 - Arthorium

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Brothers Of Sword, Louder Than Hell>>FABIO "GREY WOLF" PAULINELLI>>Brothers Of Sword, Louder Than Hell

Outlaw>>Chris Maia>>Outlaw, Hellway Train

Dunkell Reiter, SnowHawks, Brothers Of Sword, Witchkross>>FABIO "GREY WOLF" PAULINELLI>>Brothers Of Sword

Odisséia>>Dimas Correa>>Odisséia, Balisttica, Kalibak

History & Biography
This heavy metal band was founded in 2012. A string of demos with titles like By the Power Of Crom, Die By The Steel, The Elephant Tower and The Frost Giant's Daughter and Thor followed. Golden Axe in 2013 ended up being the band’s last before two full-length demos simply called Grey Wolf (Chris Maia was now on guitar) and We Are Metalheads. Grey Wolf's album was released on June 18th through Arthorium Records. The CD was entitled Glorious Death and featured a booklet with 16 pages and cover artwork painted in traditional media by French illustrator Nicolas Bournay.

The founder of Grey Wolf, Fabio Paulinelli, who also assumed the roles of bassist, singer and composer announced in early 2017 that the band was ceasing its characteristic multi-member formation and returning to being a one-man studio project, at least for a while. The man had severe tendinitis and would focus more on special performances. Nonetheless, a new album was being composed. Grey Wolf’s The Beginning was a 2017 compilation of material culled from the band’s six demos between 2012 and 2013. During this period the band was an actual group and not a solo project.

The Last Journey Of An Old Viking (2019), Stygia (2020), Raise The Axe (2021) and Crimmerian Hordes (also 2021) were demos. The Live demo of 2022 was taped in 2014. The first two albums were compiled into a compilation called Blood And Steel also in 2022.


This Brazilian trio was formed in 2012 and already counts six demos and three full-lengths to its name. Glorious Death is the third full-length and the band lists Conan The Barbarian as its inspiration and as if to prove it Glorious Death features a song called Conan The Liberator. The cover art certainly attests to such influences too as do other images, song titles and lyrics. Main man Fabio "Grey Wolf" Paulinelli handles the vocals and bass duties and the music is heavily influenced by 80's heavy metal with hymn like lyrics a la Manowar. Witness, for example, the title track's chrous that goes 'Take the great sword of steel and face the death ... This is your fate ...Fight with honour and find your glorious end ... Valhalla awaits.' Iron Maiden is unsurprisingly present musically as are the likes of Running Wild. Paulinelli's vocal style is gruff like and not far from Lemmy's, this mostly works for the style and the lyrical content, The music can sometimes seem lightweight but this may be due to the production and a symptom of being a trio. The aforementioned lightweight becomes rather apparent in The Axe Will Rule The Kingdom (King Kull Part II). The song that follows it, The Barbarian, borrows a few riffs from hard rock bands like Dokken to add some more 80's elements. The closer, Cimmeria, forgoes the metal in favour of a hymn for Conan's homeland (called Cimmeria of course). All in all Glorious Death is a solid release and should appeal to fans looking for 'metal warrior' type albums. – Anna Tergel

Greywolf and Arthorium have decided to make a CD out of the prolific song writing of Fabio Paulinelli and co. Before the band's Glorious Death album the band released no less than six demos between 2012 and 2013! The Beginning features songs that made it on Glorious Death but also offers all six demos the man wrote and released in one package along with five live recordings and two previously unreleased songs. The booklet features all the art work that came with the demos, the art work as must be expected match the heavy metal theme complete with warriors and swords. The 22 songs on here start off with the first unreleased song aptly titled The Beginning. The NWOBHM sound is present, the Iron Maiden one in particular. The lyrics take the listener back to the traditional heavy metal verses many before Greywolf wrote. 'Your leather is mine, a trophy symbol of my glory ... Wolves on my side, the leadership belongs to me ... All hail greywolf' is stereotypical and Manowar like. Fifteen 'demo version' songs follow. By The Power Of Crom is from the band's first demo. The song is not as NWOBHM sounding but is a more pure heavy metal one. The Singing Of Steel is a two minute instrumental that features steel and sword sounds. Thoth Amon is from the Die By The Steel demo, in its low quality glory. Remembers is the same. Way Of The Warrior is from the same demo and is a sort of acoustic ballad. Moving to The Elephant Tower recording the three songs from it are the title track, Warrior and Grey Wolf. There is little to distinguish between these three songs, small differences in pace aside perhaps. From The Frost Giant's Daughter there is the title track, King Kull, In The Shadows of Stygia and 300. The same can be said about these four tracks, however they are catchier. Thor is from the Thor demo with Paulinelli taking care of all the instruments (and the drum 'sampling') as he did with The Frost Giant's Daughter demo. From the Golden Axe demo there is The Attack Of The Dragons and Glorious Death. The production quality seems improved for this 2013 release. Musically it is still the same heavy metal and it is almost anthemic. The five live songs are Golden Axe, 300, A Night Of Fun, The Elephant Tower and King Kull, in two parts. All captured with smartphones in three venues. Defenders Of Steels is the second unreleased song, it is three minutes of Iron maiden inspired heavy metal with lyrics like 'Fight for the power and glory of steel ... Honor and pride ... Ready to fight'. Not much more can be said. Grey Wolf does not hide any veils. - Anna Tergel


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