Horizont Udalosti – 2008 – Insane Society
Zaskuby Chaosu – 2011 – Insane Society

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Radiolokator, Lahar>>OTEC ‘INY’ INYUS [JINDRA ZIKA]>>Radiolokator, Lahar

David Mlkslk – Dezinfekce, P.B.J.P>>Pufffy>>Dezinfekce, P.B.J.P – Paaya – DAVID MLKSLK

Dezinfekce>>Maxeek [Josef Maxa]>>Dezinfekce – Pressboil>>Michal Socha>>Pressboil - Ysaraal>>JAN PAVLICKO>>Ysaraal

Black Rain, Radiolokator, Avenger>>MIRA ‘CERT’ CERTIK>>Black Rain, Radiolokator, Avenger

History & Biography
This band was founded in 1996 and grinds, thrashes and mocks relentlessly. The group played its first gig in August 1996. Green Illness was the early demo in 1997. Per rules of grindcore the act launched into a series of split releases with potentially Elton John the only act it did not participate in a release with. Having waited long enough and not finding any takers it said ‘happy birthday’ to itself through the Happy Birthday Gride! 7” in 2001. David left in 2004 and returned in 2019. The debut full-length album eked out an appearance through Insane Society in 2008. 1997 – 2009 Antologie Rychlosti Terroru was a 2010 compilation released for the tour of USA as Faster Than Death – Harder Than Life. Maxeek left after the US tour with Pretty Little Flower. The band also played at the Maryland Death Fest. L’inphantile Collective was issuing the mini-album Hluboká Temná Modř by Czech Republic-based Gride in 2020. It was issued independently in 2019.

The band has played live in both Europe and USA. The band sometimes sings in English and sometimes in Czech.