Mandatory>>Emerald>>GRIEF OF EMERALD - SWEDEN

Nightspawn - 1998 - Listenable
Malformed Seed - 2000 - Listenable
Christian Termination - 2002 - Listenable
The Devils Deep - 2011 - Non Serviam
It All Turns To Ashes - 2012 - Non Serviam

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Decameron, Oderu, Death Reich>>JOHNNY LEHTO>>Death Reich

Decameron, Oderu>>JOHNNY LEHTO - Gorement, Necrofeast, Cretoria>>Jimmy Karlsson>>Gorement, Necrofeast, Cretoria - Ravaged, Disorge, Auberon, Sadistic Grimness, Death Reich, Ceremonial Death>>CHRISTER BERGQVIST>>Death Reich, Ceremonial Death

Necrofeast, Mastemo>>Anders Tång - Mastema, Excessum, Descending, Sadistic Grimness>>Andreas Hedström

Dennis Karlsson - Niden Div. 187>>Fredrik Helgesson>>Obligatorisk Tortyr, Tehom, Bränd Jord - Deathwitch, Azeazeron, Runemagick>>Jonas Blom>>Runemagick, Trident, Death Reich, Sacramentum, Ceremonial Death

Oderu>>Robert Bengtsson

History & Biography
This band was formed in 1990 as Mandatory, changed names to Emerald and finally Grief Of Emerald in 1996, still with two of the original members Johnny and Anders.

It all started with a 1995 demo called The Beginning. A MCD called Signs Of A Stormy Past was recorded in 1996. Furthermore, a debut was planned for the bankrupt Deviation label . The band signed to Listenable in 1998 and late in that year released its debut there. The second album's name referred to Christians. The band then played at the Wave Gothik Treffen Festival.

Blum was temporarily out of action in 2002 due to an injury. The band was heard on Celtic Frost and Nunslaughter cover albums in 2003 and 2007 respectively.

The group posted its albums, Nightspawn, Malformed Seed and the most recent Christian Termination, for free download on its website, in 2009. A re-release of these albums was not happening and the group had opted for the Internet instead. The band was working on a new album. Holocaust was the title for a 2009 demo. A new album was called The Devils Deep in 2011. Christer Bergqvist was on second guitar here. Andreas Hedström was on bass. It contained several new songs and several self-cover versions. It All Turns To Ashes' title may have been prophetic. Andreas Hedström left and was replaced by Robert Axelsson (Death Reich, etc.) in 2013. The departure of Carl Karlsson left the band without a drummer. Johan Havås was on keyboards.

The band, with drummer Jonas Blom, was recording four songs in 2015. The act went dormant with several being active in Death Reich instead.


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Grief Of Emerald