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Flight Of The... - 1984 - Shrapnel
Protectors Of The Liar - 1987 - Steamhammer

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Joe Ross - RICK COOPER - Mike 'Yaz' Jastremski>>Heathen

Next, Equinox, Premier, Hitz, Saker>>Thomas "Hawk" Sprayberry>>Diamond, Noise R Us - Rick Cooper – ScreamKing>>JAY NOVAROSKI>>ScreamKing

Metal Church>>RICK WAGNER

History & Biography
Griffin was formed in 1981 in the San Francisco Bay Area and managed to issue two under-rated speed metal albums before disbanding. McKay was the original front man of Metal Church. By the time album number two rolled along, the band had lost the services of Jastremski and Sprayberry. The band had seemingly splintered due to differences of opinion regarding the band's future direction. Cooper took over all guitars and bass.

Next featured Brad Gillis of Night Ranger and was a high school band. Old Metal Records bootlegged the band’s debut years later. Bassist Mike "Yaz" Jastremski, a veteran of the Bay Rea scene, died in May of 2005. McKay sang for Metal Church again between 2001 and 2003. The group reformed in 2011.