Dark Medieval Folklore - 2006 - Goatowarex
Heksenkringen - 2007 - Displeased

Grimm image
S= Zwartketterij, Gauhaert>>HEER ANTIKRIST>>Zwartketterij, Gauhaert

G= Zwartketterij, Gauhaert>>HEER ANTIKRIST>>Zwartketterij, Gauhaert - Zwartketterij>>HEER VOLKHV>>Zwartketterij

B= Zwartketterij, Gauhaert>>HEER ANTIKRIST>>Zwartketterij, Gauhaert - Zwartketterij>>HEER VOLKHV>>Zwartketterij

D= Zwartketterij, Cirith Gorgor, Walpurgisnacht>>HEER MARCHOSIAS>>Zwartketterij, Cirith Gorgor, Walpurgisnacht

History & Biography
The Dutch band Grimm - inspired by Dutch heathen druids - plays a metal style that is infused with folk music. Calling its music dark medieval metal the group was formed in 1996 as a solo vehicle for Heer Zwendelaer. It issued a live demo called Lasterkwaad in 2000 and yet another live recording called Live In Eindhoven in 2005. An album was issued in 2006 leading to a contract with Displeased Records for 2007’s Heksenkringen.


Grimm has discovered the way to combine anti-Christian feelings with folk and doom feelings without weakening the essence of the music or forcing pretentiousness. The band’s imperative to expose the Christian ills or revive the Dutch traditions push it to mix grim (if you will pardon the expression) black metal with harsh vocals and heavy riffing with clean vocals and dismal passages. The combination partly works because it is serious and anti-commercial. The opening riff of the album on De Witte Ruiter is quality stuff, which also points to the trio’s use of Dutch as viable for lyricism. The singing styles and the piercing guitar solos are a curious mix, but they certainly work. With a touch of Tyr and the desolation of doomy black metal as the basis, Grimm deserves to be better known although the use of Dutch titles and lyrics has probably limited the band’s appeal. Good for them too. Kampfar and Tyr fans should hail Grimm, but know that these Heers are mightier and have goals that are more specific. - Anna Tergel