Relict – 2015 - Symbol Of Domination
Revenant – 2018 - Symbol Of Domination

S= Diamond>>ROMA DOKUCHAEV>>Diamond

Not to be confused with the Ecuador-based band of the same name, this act was founded in 1996. It disbanded in 2001, but reformed in 2006. The band was first heard on the In Concert 1999 demo. It was only in 2008 when the band issued another demo, Retaliation. 2011 brought Reborn. Symbol Of Domination signed the band.

The band has a piano player and a drum machine. The band incorporates “orchestral” pieces. The band monicker means ‘True Grimoire’ and refers to an eighteenth century book.


This album was a disappointing experience. One would think that this Russia-based band would be superlative given a name like ‘Grimorium Verum’ and profuse adulation in the label supplied biography, which uses words like “fury” and “power.” Instead, what one gets is a keyboard-oriented band full of the adolescent fantasies of Dimmu Borgir and Emperor, two of the worst cardboard cut-out pop bands ever to infiltrate the metal scene courtesy of pre-pubescent teens who are too weak to listen to real metal. The K&F (Keyboards & Female vocals) squad should love this for despite the little amount of female vocals the synthesizers are in full effect (a la Aqua or Depeche Mode) and the vocals switch to the standard boy band clean chanting or harmonious type. So, now readers of Metallian are wondering, why the ‘40’ rating and not something lower. The band’s vocalist does spend most his effort on the gargling and witching realms. The lead guitars, of which there are very few, is excellent and it is astounding the band does not put them to greater prominence. Otherwise, with all the chanting, piano clanging and pathetic attempts at ‘metal’ this Revenant is clearly a feeble dotard. Elsewhere, another major issue with this act is the elementary musicianship. Grimorium Verum is one of those bands where every musician follows the other. The drummer follows the rhythm, the rhythm follows the singer and the said vocalist mimics the musical pattern. Despite his froggy vocals the frontman is often comprehensible. One can hear the bass often, but it has a wooden and undesirable sound. The production is thin in general and the rhythm section needs a lot of work.
On a track by track basis, past the intro which is reminiscent of Morgoth’s on its Cursed album, The Kingdom Of The Pain (a reference to the consequences of eating at McDonalds perhaps?) the band goes too far in its quest to acquire a couple of hoes for its eventual (fantasy) tour to cook and clean the tour van. The song slows down to let the girls water down the proceedings even further. The Light Of Dark Father is embarrassing with its clean vocals. One could imagine the chanting boys clasping hands and looking at each other with care and love as they sang their harmonies. Revenant, the title track, has the synthesizers of a video game. The band aims for a symphonic horror sound. The Great Serpentine Saint towards the disc’s end is one of the better tracks owing to the phenomenal lead guitar. The riffs are no slouch either. The Resurrected On The Devil’s Hands has a weak rhythm, but a good riff only for the song to slow down so the synthesizers can come in and waste our collective time. It is the pattern of the Revenant. – Ali “The Metallian”


Grimorium Verum