GRIM REAPER>>Steve Grimmet’s Grim Reaper - UK

See You In Hell - 1984 - Ebony
Fear No Evil - 1985 - Ebony
Rock You To Hell - 1987 - RCA


S= Paul DeMercado - Medusa, Chateaux, Onslaught>>STEVE GRIMMET>>Chateaux, Onslaught, Lionsheart, Friction, Seven Deadly Sins, The Steve Grimmett Band
G= Nick Bowcott>>Barfly, Belladonna
B= Phil Matthews - Dave Wanklin
D= Angel Jacques - Ipanema Katz>>Mark Simon>>Slack Granny - Lee Harris
K= Andy Thomas


Grim Reaper, based in Droitwich, first came to the public's attention via 1981's Heavy Metal Heroes sampler of Heavy Metal Records where they appeared with the song The Reaper. The roots of the band went as far back as 1979 though. DeMercado fronted the band at this time, while the drumming was handled by Angel Jacques. The band's Bleed 'Em Dry demo was a successful tape at this point. The demo was the result of the band winning a local contest. The Grim Reaper demo followed in 1982. A 7" EP called Can't Take Anymore through Heavy Metal Records is cancelled. Andy Thomas joined the act in April 1983, but did not stay long.

New vocalist Grimmett also finds some time to sing for label-mates Chateaux. They lucked out after the anthemic nature of their debut attracted RCA enough to release it in the USA with a major push - the album sold 200,000 copies.

Thomas joined for a while in 1983. The band sold many units, toured America with Exciter and was supported by MTV. Still the formula grew thin and the band was history by the time Grimmett made the mistake of accepting Onslaught's offer to fill the vacant vocal position in that thrash outfit. The third album had landed directly on RCA following the band's acrimonious departure from Ebony. The third album was promoted via a 7" EP featuring the songs Rock Me Till I Die, Night Of The Vampire and Rock You To Hell. Wanklin was also ejected soon after Rock You To Hell was released. All the same, the band toured the USA once again and was filmed for MTV. Sadly, the footage was eventually destroyed in a fire that was to gut MTV archives.

Grim Reaper was billed for, and played at, Wacken 2001 festival in Germany. Grimmet would later remark that he had signed on as Lionsheart, but the promoter had billed it as an appearance by Grim Reaper! The same thing almost happened in 2006. A line-up of Steve Grimmett, Ian Nash, Ritchie Walker and Pete Newdeck was announced to play at Keep It True VI on April 8th in Germany and the band asked that it not be called a reunion. Grimmett formed The Steve Grimmett Band in 2007. Former guitarist Nick Bowcott joined Belladonna on the ex-Anthrax singer’s US shows in early 2008. Steve Grice, former drummer and founding member of UK’s Onslaught launched Onslaught The Sanity Days in 2011. Also in the band was Onslaught’s 2007 guitarist Alan Jordan, 1985-1986 bassist Jase Stallard and ex-Grim Reaper/Solo singer Steve Grimmett, who sang for Onslaught on 1989’s In Search Of Sanity are part of the fold. Grimmett was heavily criticized alongside the In Search... album upon that record’s release. Grice was booted/ushered out in April. Steve Grimmett was still forging ahead with Grim Reaper. Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper would perform in the USA for the first time since 1987 on April 5th, 2014 at the Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse festival at Reggies bar in Chicago, Illinois. Western Canada's open air metal festival Farmageddon announced the line-up for its 2015 edition in Ryley, AB (80 KMs East of Edmonton) from June 11 to 14. That year's line-up featured headliners Steve Grimmet’s Grim Reaper from the UK, American bands Pallbearer and Incantation plus Canadians Into Eternity and Archspire along with many support bands from Western Canada. Singer Steve Grimmett of (now) Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper had his right leg amputated in the middle due to an aggressively expanding infection, which could have infected his body. He was in Ecuador to start 2017 in the midst of a tour and had performed his latest show mostly immobile. Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper released a new album on October 11th 2019. It was called At The Gates.

The catchy heavy metal of the band remains popular to this day.



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