Executed - 2005 - Morbid
Inhale The Violence - 2006 - Morbid
Sudden State Of Hate - 2008 - Twilight
Lynch And Dissect - 2010 - Bastardized

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S= Coronation, Torture Chamber, Khaosick>>Tom Strater - Hate Factor, Crikey, Resurrected>>CHRIS MIEVES>>Hatefactor, Resurrected

G= Torture Chamber, Hatefactor>>Jan Pelser>>Hatefactor

B= Premature, Hatefactor >>Jochen Pelser>>Hatefactor, CrossHead - Resurrected>>THOMAS GRANZOW>>Resurrected

D= Crikey, Coronation, Torture Chamber, Blood Red Angel, Night In Gales, SubOrbital>>ADRIANO RICCI>>Night In Gales, SubOrbital

History & Biography
Grind Inc. was formed as a side-project in 2001 by Adriano Ricci of Night In Gales and Jochen Pelser, but soon became a serious act when joined by Hatefactor's Jan and Chris. The Krefeld-based band issued a demo in 2004 called Defined To Kill and soon added Tom Strater as a second singer. The band played the Morbide Festspiele 7 festival in September, 2004 and signed with Morbid Records. The debut was recorded by Torsten Marach and bassist Pelser and was dedicated to former band-mate Pascal of Torture Chamber who had just passed away after contributing to the album.

The group replaced Jochen Pelser with Resurrected’s Thomas Granzow in March of 2006 and issued its second album, Inhale The Violence, on May 25th through Morbid Records. The album featured a couple of songs from the Torture Chamber days. Guitarist Jan spent several months in Oslo and was also occasionally replaced for shows. Grind Inc. signed a deal with Twilight Vertrieb and issued its third album, Sudden State Of Hate, in early 2008. The band had a mini-tour with Leng Tch'e. Second singer Thomas Strater left Grind Inc in May of 2009 due to the usual musical differences. A replacement was not sought. Germany’s Grind Inc. signed a deal with Bastardized Recordings. The band was at the Catacomb Productions Studio recording an album for a 2010 release. This album would break with tradition and feature only one singer. Germany’s Grind Inc. picked Lynch And Dissect as the title for its next album, which is out on May 21st through Bastardized Recordings. Thomas Granzow recorded the album at Catacomb Productions in Germany. The group's appearance at the Krefeld Slam Fest was cancelled in 2016 due to a health issue with drummer Adriano. Resurrected replaced the band. Grind Inc. went into slumber next.


Grind Inc. is a cool death metal band (paradox?) with a sound that is thick and a temperament that suits the genre's name. The first song on the album is the title track and quickly hints at Cannibal Corpse, but from there on the emphasis is on chunky and heavy riffing a la Suffocation. Armed with the full sound and an array of instrumentally-oriented brutality Grind Inc. (also the name of an Inhumate song) hits hard at the listener through short songs. In spite of the band's name and the presence of blasting drums and a grinding guitar sound these Germans are more of a death metal band than a full fledged grindcore act. Fans of both genres should revel in the heaviness regardless. - Ali "The Metallian"

Grind Inc. is obviously not worried about looking good to the masses or appealing to the 'cool' crowd. The band’s name is a signal that this German band gives no fig whatsoever. That is the epitome of cool. Inhale The Violence is pure mayhemic death metal with the usual array of tools in the arsenal of the modern death metal band. While several songs sound a tad standard, there are several that are more adventurous. Dead Body Costume has a Morbid Angel vibe, Rebirth Of An Ancient Time (possibly referring to the 1989 death metal scene?) is vicious and the album’s closer Peace By Pieces is close to Malevolent Creation and the album’s best. Incidentally, according to the band, the last two named songs are older compositions. Perhaps the band should go back and rediscover its older compositions or rekindle the spirit? The band’s biggest problem right now is the drumming of Adriano Ricci however. His drumming cuts the songs into shreds. Somehow or the other he is out of step with the rest of the band. Still, Inhale The Violence has a lot of brutality and speed and with the aforementioned standout tracks is a good CD overall. - Anna Tergel


Grind Inc.