Gronibard – 2001 – Bones Brigade
We Are French Fukk You – 2008 – Bones Brigade
Regarde Les Hommes Sucer – 2022 – Seas Of Mist

Gronibard image

Warscars>>NECHROME/MONGOLITO/P’TITE BITE [CEDRIC MEGANCK]>>Warscars – Warscars, Dogmatic State, Frankensperm>>GROS CON QUI PUE LA MERDE/NECRONEMBOURG 666 [ALEXANDRE VANKERSBLICK]>>Warscars, Dogmatic State, Frankensperm

Warscars, Dogmatic State, Whoretorn, Frankensperm, Karmassacre>>ALBATARD/AHLE BAS DE CAISSE [OLIVIE NOURRY]>>Warscars, Dogmatic State, Whoretorn, Frankensperm, Karmassacre

Belenos, Burgul Torkhain, Aborted, Klang, Boys First Time, Warscars, Scarve>>GODEMICHEL/GODEMICHELIN [GILLES DELECROIX]>>Belenos, Burgul Torkhain, Aborted, Klang, Boys First Time, Warscars, Scarve

History & Biography
This band was founded in Lille, France as early as 1998. Prendez Moi ! was the 1998 demo. The rehearsal tape’s cover featured model twins. The band, which even featured a keyboardist at this juncture, lost its piano man, female second vocalist, bassist and drummer.

The next demo was A Tribute To Lolo Ferrari, a woman who just wanted to make men and lesbians alike happy. Bones Brigade signed the band and out came the debut album in 2001. Live At “Le Splendid” 2003 was a demo. Satanic Tuning Club was a 2004 EP. The act appeared at Maryland Death Fest in 2005. Gronibard and Anal Penetration shard a record in 2009. There was also a single called Vroum! in 2012. The cover for this CD depicted the band’s second love after M and J cups, namely tires. A couple of samplers and demos lead to a deal with Season Of Mist.

France-based pussycore group Gronibard release a new full-length, entitled Regarde Les Hommes Sucer, through Season Of Mist in May 2022. The label described the group as “the laziest band on earth.”

Several members also while away in Warscars. The band likes to dress up. At best it is something that covers the fat. At worst, it is something resembling a drag show.