Guardians Of Time – 2001 - Shark
Machines Of Mental Design – 2004 - FaceFront
A Beautiful Atrocity – 2011 - Mayhem
Rage And Fire – 2015 - WormHoleDeath
Tearing Up The World – 2018 - ROAR

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Transform, Marionica, Rules Of Engagement, Haunted Hollow, Susperia, Scornbath>>Bernt Fjellestad>>Transform, Marionica, Rules Of Engagement, Haunted Hollow, Susperia, Scornbath, In The Woods...

Rune Schellingerhout - Harm>>Lars Andreas Vågane – Trail Of Tears, Eon>>PÅL OLSEN>>Eon, Release The Titans, Symfonica

Old Words New>>Dag-Ove Johnsen - JONKIS WERDAL

Natt>>Vidar Uleberg>>Haunted Hollow - Harm>>Geir Øivind Vågane>>Harm, Rules Of Engagement, Release The Titans, Pyrrhic - Harm, Rules Of Engagement>>Øivind Vågane>>Pyrrhic - Clairvoya, Eon>>JAN WILLY AARAAS>>Eon

History & Biography
The band was formed in Kristiansand in 1997. The 2000 demo Soul Reaper featured three tracks. A debut album was issued in 2001. The band was absent for half a dozen years after its sophomore Records. Jonkis Werdal and Øivind Vågane joined in 2009. The 2011 EP Perverse Perfection was out through Mayhem Music. In 2015, Norwegian power metal band Guardians Of Time was undertaking a Balkan Tour using the Rage And Fire monicker. The first date was set for September the 25th at Bomber (Zapresic, Croatia). During the show, the band would perform songs taken from Rage And Fire. In 2015, Norwegian band Susperia recruited singer Bernt Fjellestad. Norway-based heavy metal band Guardians Of Time issued its Tearing Up The World album through ROAR on October 19th. Tearing Up The World featured guest performances by Abbath and Tim “Ripper” Owens.

The band unceremoniously disbanded in 2022.



Guardians Of Time