Nuklear Zombie Division – 2010 – American Line
Mas Alla De La Tumba – 2011 – Iron Shield
Antichristian Zombie Hordes – 2012 – Goat Curse Diaboli
El Armagedon Continua – 2013 – I Hate
Cthulhu Zombies & Anti-Cosmic Black Goats – 2014 – Iron Shield
מלחמה כוללת – 2016 – American Line
Nihilistic Malthusian Manifesto (The Ouroboros Cosmic Indifferentism) – 2017 – Iron, Blood And Death Corporation
El Cosmicismo El Desamparo Existencial De La Humanidad En El Universo, Parte II & III – 2018 – Hidden Marly
War Is The Pursuit Of Death: A Hymnal For The Misanthrope – 2020 - Satanath
CCX - 2022 - Iron, Blood And Death Corporation

Guerra Total image

Destruktor [Andres Munoz]>>Theatis – Devasted, Evilucifer>>DEATH FIEND OF HAUNTED GRAVEYARD & BLACK BISHOP>>Evilucifer – Culto Infernal, Sorciers, Metal King, Infernal, Invasion, Apocriphal, Erzebet, Izcariot, Ethreum, Spiritual Ashes, Presagio, Thy Antichrist, Aorta, H.E.X.>>Majestic Fire [Ruben Gomez]>>Infernal, Metal King, Presagio, Thy Antichrist, H.E.X., Aorta, Opiate, Dark Wisdom – Redrum>>HAMMERDEATH [HAROLD MERCHAN]>>Redrum

Necronslaught, Opiate>>SEGNOR ROOT/DEMONSLAUGHT [GERSON FABIAN TORO]>>Necronslaught, Opiate

Persefone, Terrorist Mind, Aggressor, Exersium, Devasted, Demolator>>Sick Punisher [Frey Forero Cubillos]>>Persefone, Terrorist Mind, Aggressor, Exersium, Devasted, Demolator> – Warmaniak [Sergio Gonzalez] - Persefone, Terrorist Mind, Aggressor, Exersium, Devasted, Demolator>>Sick Punisher [Frey Forero Cubillos]>>Persefone, Terrorist Mind, Aggressor, Exersium, Devasted, Demolator – Funebria, Theurgia>>NABERIUS [JUAN CAMILO PORRAS PARRA]>>Funebria, Theurgia

History & Biography
This band has been around since 1997, albeit as Eternal Drak for the first five years of its being. That is a long time. In fact, Demonslaught was faced with departing members and left alone began anew with a new monicker. Tormento Nuclear was an early 2008 demo rehearsal. The line-up here was Demonslaugt on mike and bass, Wunderweapon on guitar and Devastator on drums. A limited edition tape, called Arise From The Graves, in 2009. The earlier band and current incarnation issued an Eternal Drak/Guerra Total split in 2010. The band had its debut full-length courtesy of Mexico-based American Line Productions in late 2010. The band was the trio of Demonslaught, guitarist Destruktor and drummer Sick Punisher. The next album arrived courtesy of Iron Shield Records of Germany. Mas Alla De La Tumba was nonetheless re-issued by American Line soon. The guitarist here was Death Fiend Of Haunted Graveyard & Black Bishop Of The Undead. His mom, and only his mon called him Death Fiend Of Haunted Graveyard & Black Bishop affectionately. El Armagedon Continua featured a singer named Jordicaz. Sick Punisher was back on the stool for the Cthulhu Zombies... release of late 2014. The band sucked up to the Israeli lobby with the release of a LP with a Hebrew title in 2016.

The band and Japan-based Metalucifer had a split release through Forgotten Wisdom Productions in the summer of 2016. A mere six months later the band was back with a full-length called Nihilistic Malthusian Manifesto (The Ouroboros Cosmic Indifferentism). Naberius drummed here. The long titles continued when the band issued an LP, called El Cosmicismo El Desamparo Existencial De La Humanidad En El Universo, Parte II & III. Guerra Total and Vulcan Tyrant issued a split CD on the latter’s imprint in late 2019 before the band proceeded to issue an album on Satanath Records in April of 2020. Demonslaught was now called Segnor Root. Early drummer Warhammer died in 2019. A bunch of unreleased tracks and cover versions by the band were issued as the Cosmic Horror Anthology Vol. 1 also in 2020. War Is The Pursuit Of Death: A Hymnal For The Misanthrope was a concept album on war being abused for selfish purposes. Guerra Total's first rehearsal from 2003 was issued on cassette through Take This Torch Records in 2023.

Guerra Total means ‘total war’ in Portuguese and Spanish. Brazil-based Holocausto issued a demo by that name in 2018.


Almost immediately and at a first glance, this album is underwhelming. Firstly, the album title: how is that for stating the obvious? The subtitle does better; otherwise, who knew that war is the pursuit of death? Seriously, the album contains lyrics in both Spanish and English, but whatever the language this stuff is deadly. The album’s music begins with a misleading intro, but the drums break it up and the guitars rush in like a torrent faster than one could say ‘oh no, another acoustic intro.’
This is death metal with hellish chants that alternates between glorious fast riffing that slashes poser neck and slower riffs that are actually and verifiably good. Guerra Total does disrupt the hell fire here and there, but those interruptions do not last and quickly give way to the band’s glorious ways again. Still, one wished the dips would be disposed with.
The first track is Ancient Hymns To The Goddess Of War (Inanna), which is reminiscent of From The Vastland musically. It delivers with speed and violence. These riffs are insanely good. The drummer destroys everything in his path. Still, stylistically there is something different about this song in contrast to the rest of the tracks. Battle Of Ypres (Song for My Funeral) slows down and has a mellow segment in its middle that is inarguably lifted from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man and Scorpions’ Yellow Raven. Say what? As promised, the band is quickly back on the saddle with its dangerous riffing, wailing solo and blasting drums leaving the silliness behind. Ethnocide (World Cenotaph) begins with a Latin dance rhythm that forms a lufbery circle to high velocity guitars fast enough. Himnos Rituales De Guerra Y Total Devastación is queued next. This one combines real doomy riffs with old school thrash metal a la Destruction’s Infernal Overkill. Holodomor (La Muerte Roja) adds powerful ritualistic chants and a touch of Mayhem’s debut mystical riffing. The chant of ‘Holodomor Holodomor’ referring to the Ukrainian famine of the last century sounds like ‘Mordor Mordor’ to these ears. Tapias De Pilatos is more technical, more chaotic and features mid-heavy crushing riffs and infernal vocals. In the interim, the Senate Of Colombia has passed a resolution rightly declaring that playing this song for Mastodon and Metallica fans constitutes human sacrifice. Uranium-235 (Trinity) substitutes music for a barrage of artillery. The incredible drumming is the star of this song. They traverse the universe with power. The noise solo is fast, but less enchanting. The album ends with a… hard rocker! Seems the band hates groupies. Guys, don’t be so cheap. If you want the bitch’s attraction you have to be prepared for Economics 101: the exchange of goods or services! This track perhaps is like something a Gehennah would deliver with tongue firmly in the cheek - except the Colombian boys sound dead serious. Either way, the mention of Amon Amarth in the less than complimentary context does bring a smile to one’s lips. One wishes they had not included this one with its saloon melody on the album because it is at dissonant odds with the rest of the album. Well, look at the bright side. Metal has a new anthem. Out with the “My mother was a witch/she was burned alive/ Thankless little bitch for the tears I cried” and in with the “Whisky Bitch! No matter what you think you only live to be a leech.” – Ali “The Metallian”

Guerra Total Interview
Guerra Total! Total War!! That is the monicker and that is the sound. It is fast, heavy, bombastic and occult. The band’s bassist Segnor Root called Ali “The Metallian” to speak about the Colombia-based act’s latest full-length War Is The Pursuit Of Death: A Hymnal For The Misanthrope and the two filled in all the necessary gaps. The album’s line-up was rounded out by singer Jordicaz, guitarist Death Fiend and drummer Naberius. – 09.11.2021

METALLIAN: Thank-you for your time and this interview, Segnor Root. Since Colombia is still somewhat exotic to most let’s begin by hearing your assessment of the country.
SEGNOR ROOT: Hey Man, thank you for supporting Guerra Total. Colombia is a nice place to visit, nice weather, nice food and nice landscapes, but it’s not a good place to live… fuck the politicians. Bogotá is where I live, a decent city; good bands, that’s it.

METALLIAN: So how did you get into metal? Was there a particular moment or a particular album that transformed you?
SEGNOR ROOT: I was twelve or maybe thirteen when somebody gave me a present, which was a mix tape with punk, metal and hard rock on it. The first song I have ever listened to was Phantom Of The Opera by Maiden, the genesis of everything for me!

METALLIAN: I remember when Iron Maiden had good songs. By the way, since we are hovering around Colombia, and you are in the midst of it, tell us your opinion of Otoniel who was arrested recently. Hero or villain? Turns out Segnor Root has not even heard of this guerilla leader.
SEGNOR ROOT: (Thinks)… I didn’t know he existed until I saw him on the news. He could be an asshole or a good person, but I don’t care at all!

METALLIAN: Let us focus on the band then. Could you speak about the formation of Guerra Total? As well, it seems like, on the face of it, the band was formed and for years did nothing.
SEGNOR ROOT: It’s a long long story, I'm going to make it short. Guerra Total was born after the break-up of my previous band. I didn’t want to keep the old name so I changed it to Guerra Total in 2002. This was after the former members didn’t want to play metal anymore. It was hard to find musicians, but I made it.

METALLIAN: Were there any releases between 2002 and 2008? If not, what was transpiring in the six years until the Demo 2008? Are you implying you were alone in 2002 and a line-up was completed finally in 2008?
SEGNOR ROOT: There were two rehearsal demos in fact. I am actually working on releasing them for our twentieth and twenty-fifth anniversaries next year. I was not alone per se during those years, but there was not a serious line-up. At that time there was a lot of material being demoed and a lot of song writing, et cetra.

METALLIAN: You just alluded to it, but the band has been around for twenty years approximately. What is wrong with you? Isn’t it time you wimped out and featured a female keyboardist in a corset, a guacharaca player and two female backing vocals?
SEGNOR ROOT: I think it is almost twenty five years actually taking everything since the beginning into consideration (laughs). Are you serious? I must keep true till my funeral man: no gothic chicks, no corset-like cakes and what is guaracha anyway (laughs)?

METALLIAN: Glad to hear the band will stick to metal and not wimp out. Colombian folk instruments and our sharing a joke at the expense of wimpy bands aside, two questions about the initial name and incarnation, namely Eternal Drak. Firstly, what is your opinion of that band’s return after so many years today? Secondly, what is a ‘drak’ anyway?
SEGNOR ROOT: First, I don’t give a fuck.
Second: ‘Drak’ refers to a ‘dragon’ or a ‘lizard’ - something like that.

METALLIAN: Thanks for the clarification. The Colombian metal scene has a reputation for ferocity or, put another way, it is the unFinland or unAlbania. Do you attribute the heaviness to the environment or to tradition by now or perhaps there is something in Aquapanela?
SEGNOR ROOT: Aguapanela is delicious, cold, refreshing and you can also drink it hot when the weather is cold as ice.
But it is not the aguapanela that is responsible for the sounds. I think it is the passion for everything that is old-school, clichés, kitsch and everything regarding ancient times that never come back that is responsible.

METALLIAN: That is a fascinating answer, but let’s pick up on something you just said. How cold does Colombia get? Does it ever get cold as ice?
SEGNOR ROOT: Colombia has no seasons, but it can rain one day all day long, or maybe one week entirely, with below zero temperature especially before the dawn.

METALLIAN: The below zero temperatures is unexpected information. Speaking of metal in Colombia though, how is the scene there today say compared to a decade ago for example?
SEGNOR ROOT: Now in the pandemic times the sales are OK. I think they are better than before. I rarely attend gigs though, I prefer to buy a vinyl or CD and sit in my house with alcohol and listen to it. Bands here want to play gigs weekly rather than to record a demo… showbiz at its finest!

METALLIAN: Another unexpected answer. OK, on to the most recent full-length War Is The Pursuit Of Death… It is Metallian’s Album Of The Month. How do you describe and see it?
SEGNOR ROOT: Man, I really appreciate Metallian’s support. Thank-you for your time and listening to it. After nine albums we wanted to record something different for us. We saw the necessity to become heavier and darker. That is the way we return to the roots of metal whether black, death, doom or thrash… in the ‘80s they were almost the same. Before all the labels there was only one sound. We want this. Metal Negro de la Muerte like our ancestors. Strengths? Well, it was a challenge for us, but the results are clear. Weaknesses? A lot! We have to record a better record every time now!

METALLIAN: Owing to the strength of this album that should be an exceedingly difficult task. Nevertheless, the record is a concept. Would you speak to this for our readers and also comment on the reason for mixing English with Spanish?
SEGNOR ROOT: Actually, the last four albums are an entire concept, The Nihilist Philosophical Trilogy! Part 1 was מלחמה כוללת from 2016, part 2 was Nihilistic Malthusian Manifesto (The Ouroboros Cosmic Indifferentism) from 2017, El Cosmicismo Y El Desamparo Existencial De La Humanidad En El Universo, Parte II & III from 2018 and part 3 is War Is The Pursuit Of Death: A Hymnal For The Misanthrope.
I know, I was drunk when I wrote these, but it was great nonetheless. All of this contains my views about life, death, alcohol, existence, atheism, Et cetra. War Is The Pursuit Of Death narrates historical gruesome events through the eyes of the death as She - I believe that death is a female - manages war to her own benefit.
We started singing in English only - as almost everyone does - but I remember when I listened to Root, Sabbat and Masters Hammer for the first time. I was like, ‘Oh damn, this is nuts. If they sing in their native languages so could I!’

METALLIAN: Are those bands influences on you?
SEGNOR ROOT: Absolutely, They are so fucking great… gods! Without them maybe Guerra Total wouldn’t be the same. I love all black metal, but I prefer the pre-second Norway wave.

METALLIAN: Segnor, this record is dedicated to a dead friend. Would you elaborate?
SEGNOR ROOT: Eduardo is a great friend who still exists in other dimension; He was the drummer of my first band and also played in Guerra Total for several months. He passed away and this album is a tribute to him.

METALLIAN: And so is life. Before we move on we need to hear from you about three songs. The first is the incredible opening track Ancient Hymns To The Goddess Of War (Inanna).
SEGNOR ROOT: Inanna is an ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, sex, war, justice and political power. The ancient ones worshiped her. She had great powers and decisions. Imagine a goddess of beauty who loves sex, makes war and also was a judge. Man, (that is) everything a human loves to be, or have, (laughs). This track is the ‘Death’ herself reading a poem written for her. She realizes the power she can deliver over the Earth.

METALLIAN: That is an original lyrical perspective. The second is Tapias De Pilatos. This one allows the exceptional drummer shine as well.
SEGNOR ROOT: Tapias De Pilatos was an old cemetery in Bogotá. The fact is that this cemetery was only for suicidal people, sinners, the excommunicated and the non-believers. Some say this graveyard was haunted and one can still hear the voices of these poor demons.
Naberius is a great drummer, He also plays many percussion instruments and has a big knowledge regarding the old-guard music.

METALLIAN: We agree regarding his skill. The third and last one is the song Whisky Bitch. What is the name of this classy beautiful princess you are making famous and what do you have against tasteful groupies?
SEGNOR ROOT: (Laughs boisterously) we are not talking about someone in particular. We are talking about all groupies. They only want whisky, free tickets and pictures for Instagram and Facebook in order to fill their empty lives. (They have) zero CDs, zero vinyl and only check YouTube (laughs again).

METALLIAN: Indeed. One point of curiosity: How did Guerra Total and Japan-based Sabbat end up on a split release in 2013?
SEGNOR ROOT: (Sabbat guitarist) Gezol is a friend of mine for many years now. I asked him one day what he thinks about our releasing a split. He replied that it is OK and we should do it. We also had a split with his other band Metalucifer years later.

METALLIAN: And while we are on the topic of other bands: Care to tell us what you think of Amon Amarth? For example, how many Amon Amarth CDs, DVDs, T-shirts and bandanas do you own? How many Amon Amarth posters are there in the rehearsal room?
SEGNOR ROOT: (Demurs) sorry, I only know about Amon (Amon Goeth) from Czechia and Amon from Switzerland.
Anon Amarth you said? No, no idea.

METALLIAN: Except Amon Amarth is explicitly mentioned in the Whisky Bitch lyrics.
SEGNOR ROOT: well, I don’t like them.

METALLIAN: Well, they have the whisky bitch! Segnor Root, what is next for Guerra Total? Is there anything we should have discussed that we did not?
SEGNOR ROOT: We could have talked about politics, but that is trendy nowadays (laughs). Well, seriously now… we are finishing our tenth album, which is called CCX. We are in the final stages of it right now. You can only expect death black metal in Spanish in the old traditional way. It is another concept album.

METALLIAN: Here at Metallian Towers we are looking forward to this record. What does ‘210’ refer to? Does '10' refer to the tenth album?
SEGNOR ROOT: well ‘CCX’ indeed means 210 as it is 210 years since the Colombian declaration of independence. Also X is for our tenth album. It was supposed to be released last year, but it was not possible due to Covid. All the songs were demoed in 2019.

METALLIAN: Could you provide a time-line and label for this record?
SEGNOR ROOT: Man, actually I am looking for a label. The record is almost done. We are mixing it in December maybe.

METALLIAN: Thanks again for the exclusive information. Finally, as everyone in Colombia, and the rest of the known galaxy, knows Metallian is the best source for metal bar none. Why do you also agree?
SEGNOR ROOT: Wow, it is a great resource for information about metal, old bands, new bands, there are also album reviews, releases every week and month and a great encyclopedia!

The band’s War Is The Pursuit Of Death: A Hymnal For The Misanthrope is out through Satanath Records. The act has a web presence at and at

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