Soulseducer - 1999 - Mighty
6106 - 2000 - Mighty

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Sanguinary>>LEINI [MATTIAS LEINIKKA]>>Sanguinary, Sixoneosix

A Canorous Quintet, The Problem Is?, The Dead>>LINUS NIRBRANT>>A Canorous Quintet, The Problem Is?, The Dead, The Plague, Sweet Creature, Vicious Art, This Ending, Darkened - A Canorous Quintet>>JESPER LOFGREN>>A Canorous Quintet, The Plague, This Ending

Sanguinary, Spazmosity>>L-E LIMNELL>>Strangulation

A Canorous Quintet>>Fredrik Andersson>>A Canorous Quintet, Amon Amarth, Curriculum Mortis, This Ending, Myronath, Vananidr, Kvaen, Netherbird - The Problem Is?, The Macks, The Dead>>TOB SILMANN>>The Problem Is?, The Dead, Vicious Art, Crucifyre, General Surgery

History & Biography
Linus Nirbrant and Jesper Löfgren formed and guided the Swedish act as a side-project to the more established A Canorous Quintet in 1994. Leini joined in 1995 and the band became a more serious entity. The band recorded the Soul Disparity demo in 1997 which featured four songs. Two new songs were recorded the year after at Sunlight Studio and one track was used for a Voices Of Death Part 2 compilation appearance.

The band signed with Mighty Music at this time gaining and losing a drummer at the same time. Limnell joined the band after the recording. The year 2000 also saw the release of the Acts 7" on Nocturnal Music. Album two was recorded and mixed at Sunlight Studio late 1999/early 2000. Released in late May of 2000, the band was now described as 'death rock' and thereby replaced the death metal tag.

The band was rather inactive after 6106. With Silmann being ill and a lack of interest, the band cancelled a festival appearance and two of the members recorded a demo called Mr. Murder for their The Dead side-project. The act was no more. A Canorous Quintet reformed in 2016.


Here is the other band in the issue with the word 'sin' in its monicker. Yet again hailing from the kingdom of Sweden, The Stockholm-area boys are in fact the result of the split of A Canorous Quintet whose six stringers are now concentrating on their former side project. While not strictly, my personal fave type of a metal band, the four members saddle between death metal and (gothic) rock best compared to and appreciated by fans of acts like Cemetary. The band's vocals and general aura are quite comparable to that now-defunct band and can best be appreciated by those looking for mid-paced, melodic heavy metal laden with emotion yet gruff in delivery. A lot of those elements are here and while there is nothing offertory about it, it is hardly any kind of nadir either. Best suited to those with the right type of temperament. - Ali "The Metallian"

I am glad Sweden's GoS (founded by former members of A Canarous Quintet) re-signed to Mighty Music for album two for this is one that proprietors Michael and Bjarke can deem a success. Following the release of a 7', it is clear that 6106 is an improvement over the band's debut Soul Seducer. Having lost a drummer to Amon Amarth, the Swedes have regrouped, visited Sunlight Studio again and put together an album of emotional metal sure to be a hit with followers of Edge of Sanity, Paradise Lost circa 1993 and perhaps Cemetary. Although it must be pointed out that given this band's adherence to a strict metal regimen, music and sound they are to be considered superior to the aforementioned. Ignore the appearance of a meaningless cover version here and pick this up if any of the names I mentioned tickle your fancy. This is 'Rock of the 20s'! - Ali "The Metallian"


Guidance Of Sin