Under The Guillotine - 1997 - Necropolis
Blood Money - 2008 - Pulverised


S= Bewitched>>FREDRIK SPIDER MANNBERG>>Bewitched
G= Necromonic, Nocturnal Rites>>Fredrik Mannberg>>Nocturnal Rites - Persuader>>DANIEL SUNDBOM>>Persuader
B= Nocturnal Rites>>NILS ERIKSSON>>Nocturnal Rites
D= Insane - Persuader>>EFRAIM JUNTUNEN>>Persuader, Naglfar


Guillotione was a thrash metal act with obvious Kreator influences. The band was set up in 1995 to ride the thrash metal resurgence movement by members of Nocturnal Rites. A demo called Under The Guillotine was recorded in late 1995 which managed to garner interest from Osmose, Massacre and Necropolis Records. The album was recorded in 1997 at Eurosound Studio. A track by the band appeared on a SOD Magazine compilation! After ten years of absence, the group reformed in 2008 and was working on a new album. The reunited band signed with Pulverised Records and was to issue a new album in the autumn. The group’s second album, Blood Money, was due in November. The cover artwork was illustrated by Ed Repka who has previously worked with Hexen, Massacre And Death.


Are you old enough to recall the heady days of Kreator and Destruction? Can't get enough of '80s thrash metal groupies like Bewitched and Infernö? Your local Kreator cover band is a mere fantasy? Most importantly, do you get goose bumps at the sound of fast one-note rhythms and ripping high-pitched solos? Then despair not, for the Swedish trio Guillotine rip off hook, line and melody and album title of course from early Kreator works Endless Pain and Pleasure To Kill with as much individuality as a succession of locomotive wagons. The Swedes, who the biography lists as being simultaneously members of Nocturnal Rites, present an image, outfit, pose, cover art and titles befitting any mid-'80s thrash metal band. - Ali "The Metallian"