Thunder Of War – 2004 – Battle Cry
Age Of Supremacy – 2014 – Jolly Roger

S= Cromwell, Spread Mind>>ROBERT ‘DRAKE’ BORRELLI>>Cromwell, Spread Mind
G= Cromwell>>Fabio ‘Lord Black Cat’ Allegretto>>Cromwell – Spread Mind, Aydra>>LUCA CALO>>Aydra – Aydra>>MARCELLO LAMMOGLIA
B= Eternal Flame, Heavyside & Lady Evil, Paul Chain>>Maury Lyon [Maurizio Leone]>>Eternal Flame, Heavyside & Lady Evil, Paul Chain, Nasty Tendency, Nitehawks – Michele Bianchella
D= Rob ‘Gothar’ Fanelli – Spread Mind, Aydra, The Dogma>>MARCO ‘MARK’ BIANCHELLA>>Aydra, The Dogma

The speed metal band existed between 1981 and 1986 and returned in 2001. Drake and Maury (a local heavy metal DJ) founded the band. Maury picked the monicker. Maury was on guitar, but quickly switched to bass. Gunfire’s self-titled EP was out through Jolly Roger Records in 2019. Gunfire’s debut EP was originally released only on vinyl in 1985. The reissue, completely remastered, included six tracks from the 1984 demo, the song Firecult from the Heavy Metal Made In Italy compilation (1985) and a live track from 1984 for the CD version. The band issued a 2002 demo called The Fire Still Burns. Lord Black Cat died due to cancer in 2018.