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The Illusion Of Freedom – 2018 – Envenomed/Narcoleptica

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History & Biography
After test-driving several other monickers the death metal band was founded in Rio in 2004. The Unconscious Automaton demo arrived in 2012. The Illusion Of Freedom demo of 2017 by Brazil-based death metal band Gutted Souls was being issued by Envenomed and Narcoleptica labels in March of 2018. Iron had taken over the bass in 2017. Braulio Azambuja replaced Oman Idjarruri. Leandro Alves (ex-Land Of Tears) was replaced by Carreiro. Bass player Elias Oliveira was officially out of the band as of 2022. Drummer Braulio Azambuja was also out, which meant the band was without a rhythm section. A drummer named Vitor Arante was in and out next. He had lasted some 6 months in the second half of 2022. The band, nevertheless, reported working on a new record.



Gutted Souls