Death Prevails - 2008 - Nuclear Blast
Burn After Reaping - 2009 - Nuclear Blast
Carnival Cadavre – 2011 – Lifeforce

Hackneyed image
Illusion Of Strength>>PHILIPP MAZAL>>Illusion Of Strength

Felix 'Ix' Papp - DEVIN COX – Shattered, Parasite Inc.>>Juan Sierra>>Shattered, Parasite Inc., Frozen Infinity – Necrotted>>PHILIPP FINK>>Necrotted

Alex Büttner – Tini Wuttke – Necrotted>>FABIAN FINK>>Necrotted

Debauchery>>TIM COX>>Debauchery

History & Biography
The Southern German death metal band was formed in 2006 and soon thereafter issued a six-track demo. With age of the members - including two Cox’s - ranging from fourteen to sixteen the group signed to the near-local Nuclear Blast Records and issued a debut in the summer of 2008. The band appeared at the Rockharz festival in July. The Germans lost guitarist iX and replaced him with Juan Sierra in early 2009. Hackneyed’s Burn After Reaping album was recorded at Weltraumstudios in Munich, Bavaria with producer Corni Bartels and was issued on August 14th through Nuclear Blast Records. The band parted ways with bassist Alex Büttner and replaced him with a man called Tini in June of 2010. Apparently Alex chose his day job over the lucrative Nuclear Blast contract.

After getting dropped by Nuclear Blast Hackneyed signed with Lifeforce Records. The band was in the studio in early 2011 recording its third album and was also been booked for Summer Breeze Festival in August. The band issued a new demo with a new guitarist and bassist in 2015 and passed from this mortal coil hackneyed and jaded in 2016. Inhabitants Of Carsoca, out in 2015, was issued through the band’s Coma Tone imprint. The group split up on its tenth anniversary and promised a few farewell shows.


On average, Death Prevails is a good album. The band’s young mean age of sixteen or so is a nice selling point of course, as was the case previously with groups like Death Angel or Decapitated, but it is the heaviness of the music that ultimately does the talking. In the case of Hackneyed, it is slow and groovy grinding death metal with less frill or fancy than average and a penchant for meat and potatoes delivery. The basic sound structure is enhanced by the occasional speedier passage, such as the one on Neon Sun and occasionally harmed by the forced cliché employment of keyboards as on World Collide.
Why this band is signed to Nuclear Blast is unclear. Not that the German metal giant has a flawless roster otherwise, but if the explanation lies with the record company’s habitual insistence that it fill all sorts of sub-genre holes then surely there would have been many better death metal options around. From a purely selfish perspective, of course, getting a disc like this is preferable to yet another German goth or Swedish mallcore Metal Hammer orgasmic crap from NB. As for Death Prevails, the youngsters lie somewhere between Obscenity, early Gorefest and Pungent Stench sound-wise which, at least, proves that Nuclear Blast has some fire in the belly. - Ali “The Metallian”