Aquelaree - 1993 - Brutal
If You Die A Thousand Times - 2000 - Guerreros De La Muerte
Ready To Suffer... Hadez Attack Again!!! - 2008 - Eternal Blasphemy
Doomsday: The Death Rides - 2009 - A Snagre Fria
Morituri Te Salutant - 2014 - Paragon
Live Sacrifice - 2021 - Postunder

Hadez image
S= Coprofagia, Diabolica, Caligvla>>Ron King [Marco Antonio Ramos Cuba]>>Coprofagia, Diabolica, Caligvla - Skeleton, Mental Alteration, Nahual, Deathstorm88, Diabolous666, Insaner>>LUIS "SCHARACK" GUILLEN [LUIS GUILLEN DELGADO]>>Nahual, Deathstorm88, Diabolous666, Insaner

G= Niebla, Adioses, Necrofucker>>JOHN CAPCHA AGRESSOR [JOHN PAUL CAPCHA TINEO]>>Adioses, Necrofucker - Necropsya, Icarus>>WALTER CRUCIFER [WALTER COSTA]>>Necropsya, Icarus, Metal Crucifier, Blasphemous Division, Spectral Souls - Frank Rivas Denentor

B= FRANK SILENCE - Kike Satan Eyaculation [Luis Enrique Huambachano]>>Crucifixor - Confrönto, Situación Hostil, Matus, Smelling Fetid Corpse>>Óscar Asmodeus>>Confrönto, Dios Hastio

D= Subvertor, Supplicium>>Oadm [Óscar Antunes De Mayolo]>>Dios Hastio - Belzec, Nahual, Mental Alteration, Enemy Of God, Gore>>Andrés "Master Marbas">>Diabolous666 - Leprosy Bitch, Lugubria, Necrofucker, Nahual, Diabolous666, Deathstorm88>>Oskar The Mutilator [Oscar Cabrera]>>Leprosy Bitch, Lugubria, Necrofucker, Nahual, Diabolous666, Deathstorm88

History & Biography
Hadez was formed in 1986 by Rafo Basura, Armando Mutante and Toñín Destructor in Lima, Peru. Soon a character called John Agressor entered the fold and assumed a position behind the guitars. The band recorded a demo called Guerreros De La Muerte showcasing its death metal.

Christ Death would take over the singer's slot and the band would release Altar Of Sacrifice and Hadez Attack demos in 1989 and 1990. In 1991 they recorded a tape entitled Extreme Badness On The World with new members Daniel Demolition on drums, Abel Sedition on bass, Christ Death and John Agressor on guitar. Next up was the band's debut. Shows followed, including ones with Sarcofago and Immolation. 2001 brought a second CD called If You Die A Thousand Times. The band went on hiatus aside from the usual samplers.

Ready To Suffer... Hadez Attack Again!!! Was a video and live record with a mix of older and newer recordings. Luis Scharack had become the singer in 2007. The Path Of The Ossuary Devilish Possession was a 2010 7”. Old Blasphemies (Demo 1999) was finally issued by the band's Pentagram Records in 2014. Similarly, Reh 27/10/89 was a single issued in 2017. A further live album came in 2021 and was called Live Sacrifice. Altar De Sacrificio was the next EP and, now becoming a pattern, Demo 87/Live 87 was released in 2022. The group performed at the Nuclear Drunken Fest in Lima in 2022.