Hadopelagial – 2020 - Satanath

Hadopelagial image
S= Humanitas Error Est, Goatfuck>>GHOUL [PATRICK HERMANN]>>Goatfuck

G= Humanitas Error Est>>C.C. [CLEMENS COENEN]


D= Valgaldrar, Grabak>>C.C. [CLEMENS COENEN]

History & Biography
Established in 2017, Hadopelagial (‘the underworld’ in Greek mythology) is a duo from Leipzig, Germany. CC handled the instruments and Ghoul sang. Both were formerly of Humanitas Error Est. The black metal band’s debut eight-song album was issued by Satanath on the 18th of March 2020. C.C. took care of the production for the record in 2017 and 2018.

An extreme band from the same city and country called Hadopelagyal emerged at the same time as this duo as well.


Leipzig-based Hadopelagial is an immediate hit at Metallian Towers. This is the duo’s debut and it already raises a black storm of hate and aggression with ease that smacks of maturity. The album itself contains a short intro and an outro, but otherwise is quality speed-oriented black death from end to end.
Having said that, the album’s rating is lowered from a reasonable eighty to seventy due to the obvious presence of the artificial sound and nuisance that is a drum machine. Always the hallmark of a lazy band taking the easy way out and a destroyer of musical feeling and power, the digital ‘cymbal’ sound is the band’s Achilles heel here. Ironically, the band has a (former) drummer in its ranks making it doubly apathetic that a computer has superseded a human on this album. The band being a duo is not an excuse to begin with, but the drummer could have and should have stepped up if a dedicated person was out of the question. This lets the act and its listeners down.
The title track, which kicks off the record, is already a harbinger of what will be. It is speedy, extreme, dynamic and welcome. As one listens through, band comparisons that spring to mind are Dawn, early Satyricon and Gorgoroth. The band often slows down for interludes only to come back with even more determination and power. Unfortunately, those moments are where the fake drums most come to the fore. The bestial vocals take a back seat to no evil and are well expressed and accomplished. The growls, wails and horrific screams are very much at home amidst the 666kph cacophony and harmonics. On occasion there an echo on the vocals rendering them a cold and inhuman feeling of occult and mysticism.
Past the aforementioned title track Helios has Satanic ritualistic vocals. Leviathan delivers gruff vocals and a simple structure. The music is more mid-paced. The Cosmic Ocean, which is an intriguing title, is fast mostly while For The New Path has chants to chill the bones. Amunre is about fast and exciting guitar work that goes mid-paced and comes back. The bestial vocals are processed through the soundboard of hell. Return Of The Black Death is Satyricon-oriented. The singer is even more bestial if such a thing is possible. The heavy riffing is dangerous. These lead to Dana, an outro.
The black and white packaging is somewhat sparse given the lack of a lyric sheet, but perhaps that speaks as much to the band’s writing than to the label. Satanath releases often do include a bona fide booklet. Importantly, the sound is good and well balanced making this CD a fine choice for underground fanatics. Others can go dance (or get tattoos while listening) to Jinjer. – Ali “The Metallian”