Emetic Cult - 1994 - Morbid
Anatomical Inferno - 1996 - Morbid
Grume - 1996 - Morbid
Live In The Morgue - 2001 - Cudgel
Morgue Sweet Home - 2002 - Morbid
Apology For Pathology - 2006 - Morbid
The Kill Sessions - 2007 – Emetic
Hospital Carnage – 2010 - Relapse
Live Carnage: Feasting On Maryland – 2013 - Horror Pain Gore Death
We Are The Gore – 2017 - Relapse

Haemorrhage image
Heavenshore, Greenfly, Twenty Years Old>>LUGUBRIOUS [FERNANDO ERRAZQUIN]>>Heavenshore, Greenfly

Avulsed>>LUISMA [LUIS MANUEL QUIROGA] – Depopulation Department>>ANA BELEN DE LOPEZ>>Depopulation Department

Green Fly, Twenty Years Old>RAMON CHECA>>Greenfly

Jose - Greenfly>>Daniel Rojas Lopez>>Greenfly – Akratos, Sobredosis, Atmosphere Grey, Avulsed, Nightfear>>Osckar Bravo>>Akratos, Sobredosis, Nightfear

History & Biography
Spanish gore metal band Haemorrhage has rendered years of service to the underground complete with some of the most gruesome music and imagery ever. The group was sown together in 1990 by Jose and Luisma who used the Devourment monicker. The band attacked the scene first with the Grotesque Embryopathology demo of 1992. The group travelled to the Czech Republic to play at Silesia Open Air Fest to open for Dark Funeral and Vital Remains in 2000. An EP called Loathesongs was released in 2000 featuring covers of songs by Carcass, UFO, Impaled Nazarene an others. The Spaniards would later appear on Razorback Records' tribute to Impetigo. 2001's Scalpel, Scissors And Other Forensic Instruments was a sampler of the band's earlier work. Morgue Sweet Home was released by Morbid Records with different cover artworks. The band would tour with Cryptopsy, Spawn and Profanity in order to support the album. The Spanish grind unit has a myriad of split-releases, EPs and has toured with CSSO, Dead Infection and others. The band's split with Impaled, called Dementia Rex, was released by Razorback Records in August, 2003. Morbid Records released its new DVD Visions From The Morgue in December of 2003. The band's Apology For Pathology album appeared in January of 2006. The band had retained its line-up despite several years of absence. The Kill Sessions was recorded live in the studio.

Spain’s Haemorrhage announced it would release its next full-length album through Relapse Records. The group was working on the CD in 2009 and hoped to record it in the winter of 2010. Relapse would also reissue the band's Grume and Apology For Pathology albums. Erik Raya joined on drums in 2016. He was also in Infected Flesh. Heidelberg Deathfest or HDDF 2017 was taking place in that city on March 11th. Bands playing included God Dethroned, Haemorrhage, Deranged and others. The Forensick Files was a 2019 compilation. 2023 brought an EP called The Amputation Sessions. A closer look at the release by Diablos Records of Mexico revealed the songs and recordings stemmed from 2010. Osckar Bravo left in 2023. Daviti of Sepulcration and Omission among others joined. The band played at In Flammen Open Air and Burgore Deathfest 2023. The group announced it has been booked for Maryland Deathfest XIX in 2024!


Morbid Records is making amends for releasing that album by the Ashes You Leave band. Just look at the German label's releases this month! Apology almost accepted, guys.
The release at hand is the new CD by Spanish Repulse-working/pancreas-grinding/bile-implanting five piece of Ramon, Luisma, Lugubrious, Rojas and Ana who grind like nobody's business. The release is obviously inspired by Carcass and takes one back to the best moments of General Surgery and Necrony and leaves little doubt that if good grindcore one seeks, Europe still has something to offer. Coupled with a clear sound and titles like A Cataleptic Rapture, Aftertaste Of Putrefaction, (hello American food), and the instant classic I'm A Pathologist, Anatomical Inferno is a serious grinding mayhem and most recommended. It is also good to see Morbid Records taking chances on stuff like this, especially in a country where the poser press deems anything heavier than Manowar passé. - Ali "The Metallian"

Something happened between the recording of this album and its manufacture. The cover art changed. Instead of the original and horror-inspired art on the band's web site the actual album features a decrepit house and a hanged apparition with the same general atmosphere as Black Sabbath's self-titled album. Whatever the story, the music is still all gore grind all the time. The Spaniards shed blood playing songs like Mortuary Riot (this I gotta see), oozing Molten Gristle and Funeral Carnage. Boy this is sick. To top off a true musical carnage, Morgue Sweet home ships with a strong sound rarely heard in grind. It goes without saying that Carcass grinders have a home in this album.

Dementia Rex is the long-delayed split between the two grindcore bands Haemorrhage and Impaled. It is also the second split-CD on the label this summer.
Haemorrhage is well-known of course, and deviates little here from its standard fare. That is, the band slams friend and foe to the wall without remorse. Still, it is not clear why the band has agreed to a split now. It neither needs the publicity nor the experience. To make matters more ironic, one of the band's four songs here is a Grave cover. There is a cool Kreator rip off solo on Slaved To Dismember all the same.
Impaled is between labels right now. It has abandoned Necropolis and joined Century Media. The California Carcass concubines speed out of the gates with two vocals and a whole number of blasts. The Megadeth rip off solo on The Patients Are Revolting is interesting to hear, indicating the band's future tendency. They too have an awful drum sound too. Still, Impaled is always good for fun lyrics and brutal metal and this here split-CD is no exception. - Ali "The Metallian"

Haemorrhage has been away for a long time and had this CD not shown up at Metallian Towers one would have started to worry about the band’s fate. On the other hand the same could be said of Morbid Records. Apology For Pathology is the band’s first album in four years and what an impressive grindcore opus it is. The Spaniards have returned to the sound first championed by Repulsion and Carcass and put together a number of impressive cuts like Feasting On Purulence (the band’s ode to McDonald’s), Frenzied Genital Carbonization (KFC), Disgorging Innards (Taco Hell), Festerfeast (Wendy’s) and so forth. With the vocals gargling blood in high form and the guitars massacring all in sight on six strings the fans have every reason to love this album. It is only the slower doomy moments on the title track and the hollow drum sound that spoil the proceedings a little.
Bands within the genre have accustomed fans to a dose of humour time and time again. It is time to point out that it is OK for grindcore bands to not always be funny or take the piss out of the genre. For instance, it is the music that counts and not whether the album’s title rhymes or that the band members pose in funny postures. Nevertheless, Apology For Pathology, as said, is a fantastic album and a safe bet for Excruciating Denervation Of The Lumbar Spine (Pizza Hut). - Ali “The Metallian”