...Of Frost And War - 2008 - Metal Blade
On Divine Winds - 2010 - Metal Blade
III: The Rommel Chronicles - 2013 - Metal Blade

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S= Pestilence, Asphyx, Submission, Comecon, Death By Dawn>>Martin Van Drunen>>Death By Dawn
G= Thanatos, Asphyx>>PAUL BAAYENS>>Thanatos, Asphyx – Thanatos, Legion>>STEPHEN GEBEDI>>Thanatos, Legion
B= Houwitser, Thanatos, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Minotaur Head>>THEO VAN EEKELEN>>Houwitser, Thanatos, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Minotaur Head
D= Tempter, Gorefest, Aggressor, Demiurg, Ayreon, Star One, Elegy, Orphanage, Vuur>>ED WARBY>>Demiurg, Gorefest, Ayreon, Star One, Vuur

Hail Of Bullets is the project of several noted Dutch musicians who convened in late 2006 to form a traditional death metal band. The band, featuring former Pestilence, Bolt Thrower and Asphyx singer Martin Van Drunen Gorefest drummer Ed Warby, Thanatos guitarists Stephan Gebédi and Paul Baayens as well as former Houwitser bass player Theo van Eekelen, signed a deal with Metal Blade Records in November of 2007. The group had issued a demo, which was mixed by Dan Swanö, in September. Hail Of Bullets picked On Divine Winds as the title for its second album, which was out on October 12th, 2010 through Metal Blade Records. The band’s drummer, Ed Warby, produced the album. Hail Of Bullets would release its third album, III: The Rommel Chronicles, in November of 2013 through Metal Blade Records. David Ingram would front the band at the Maryland Deathfest on May 28th 2016 in Baltimore, USA.

The Eindhoven Metal Meeting announced that the eighth edition of the annual festival is taking place December 16 and 17th 2016 at the Effenaar venue in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Bands playing included Harakiri In The Sky, Protector (SE), Hail Of Bullets, Hell (UK), Illdisposed and Destruction. Hail Of Bullets threw in the towel in the winter of 2017. Singer Martin Van Drunen had thrown in his own towel in 2015.



Hail Of Bullets