Panacea For A Cursed Race – 2018 – Kryrart
Demonotone – 2019 – Kryrart
Kuhaghan Tyyn – 2020 – Satanath
Philosofiend – 2021 - Satanath
A Sleep Of Primeval Ignorance – 2022 - Satanath

Haissem image
S= Sunset Forsaken>>ANDREY TOLLOCK>>Sunset Forsaken
G= Sunset Forsaken>>ANDREY TOLLOCK>>Sunset Forsaken
B= Sunset Forsaken>>ANDREY TOLLOCK>>Sunset Forsaken
D= Sunset Forsaken>>ANDREY TOLLOCK>>Sunset Forsaken

Haissem is the work of Ukrainian man and solo artist Andrey Tollock. The act was founded in 2016 and began issuing releases with a vengeance. Maze Of Perverted Fantasies (possibly regarding the policy meeting of the Conservative Party) was a 2016 demo. Hatavism was a 2017 demo.


Haissem – ‘Messiah’ reversed one supposes – is a schizophrenic entity. This is a band with an extreme monicker, many extreme musical elements, extreme and expanded lyrics and then proceeds to betray itself, the listener and metal to incorporate synthesizers, operatic female vocals, harp and so forth on top of the spoken word segments and the drum machine. Yes, this is a solo act, so the use of the drum machines may be forgiven by some of you, but laziness should not be excused. Weak elements and pollution should be forgiven even less. It is distressing because the bulk of the material is heavy and powerful and this act has potential; alas, the complete experience is like a comfortable and desirable experience interrupted by a cold shower. The album is comprised of four tracks, but they add to over forty minutes of music albeit the final track Кuhаҕан Тыын changes tack suddenly towards the end and becomes an altogether different song it seems. Alas… - Ali “The Metallian”