Tales Of Terror - 1985 - Metal Blade
Death And Insanity - 1986 - Metal Blade
Monument - 1988 - Metal Blade
Evil Never Dies - 2006 - Xtreem

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Din, Metalmorphosis, Big Twin Din, Two Pronged Crown>>Stacy Anderson>>Din, Metalmorphosis, Big Twin Din, Two Pronged Crown - Lestregus Nosferatus, Fragile X>>Tommy Stewart>>Lestregus Nosferatus, Fragile X, Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf

David Stuart>>Urban Grind - Steve 'Skellator' Shoemaker>>Incubus - Incubus>>Steve 'Skellator' Shoemaker

Lestregus Nosferatus, Fragile X>>TOMMY STEWART>>Lestregus Nosferatus, Fragile X, Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf

Ronny Appoldt - Tym Helton>>Scarecrow - Rob Clayton - Tym Helton>>Scarecrow - Lestregus Nosferatus>>Dane Jensen

History & Biography
Hallow's Eve was an Atlanta, Georgia power metal band which was formed in 1983 by Tommy Stewart and Stacy Anderson. The band had a following within the under ground scene, one only enlarged with the appearance of the song Metal Merchants on Metal Blade's Metal Massacre IV.

The band then proceeded to sign to Metal Blade. Thereon the members often complained about a lack of support from their record label. Interestingly, the band's debut kicked off with a song called Plunging To Megadeath! The second effort, Death And Insanity, was a concept album dealing with the topic of death. Every song on the album featured the word' death.'

Hallows Eve appeared on the soundtrack for the movie River's Edge. In 1988 the act could be heard on the soundtrack for the movie Black Roses. Helton returned to occupy the stool for the band's finale, the ignored Monument.

Anderson later relocated to California, which lead to Hallows Eve disbandment. The band recruited former Agent Steel, and future Death guitarist, James Murphy before disbanding. Murphy lasted in the band a mere six months before the lack of a front man ended the band's career. The band also featured, early on, Steve Shoemaker a.k.a Skellator who would go on to play with David Vincent and Incubus. Shoemaker left the fold in March, 1985 having played on the debut record. He left the band after failing to persuade the act to take a more theatrical direction or to use stage names. The band reunited with long-time fan Steve Cannon as lead singer. Cannon had persuaded his favourite band to get back together, but soon found himself out of the fold. Apparently, the reformed members did not find him good enough. A line-up of Tommy Stewart on vocals and bass, Skullator on vocals and guitar, Brandon Ottinger on guitar and Dane Jensen on drums recorded a single called Evil Offerings which was issued independently. Metal Blade Records announced a box set entitled History Of Terror for mid-2006. This box included re-mastered versions of all three Metal Blade albums, piles of bonus material and a bonus DVD with over 200 minutes of footage. The band signed to Xtreem Music for the release of 2005’s Evil Never Dies album. Original members singer Stacy Andersen and bassist Tommy Stewart were scheduled to appear on stage together for the first time since 1989 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Metal Blade Records in 2007. They were to be joined by ex-Rigor Mortis lead vocalist and guitarist Doyle Bright and drummer Dane Jensen. The band picked The Never-Ending Sleep as the title for its next demo, which was due in August of 2008. Hallows Eve recruited drummer Patrick "Scooch" Pascucci (Shank 456, J.F.K.F.C., Dick Delicious and Superjak) in late 2010 and was working on a new album. Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf was a doom metal duo hailing from the United States featuring drums, bass and vocals only. The band featured Tommy Stewart and Eric Vogt from Armed Chaos. The band was writing and recording a demo set to be released in November of 2018 and had a single called Shadow In The Well.

Halloween is a shortened form of All Hallows Eve - the evening before All Hallows Day.


You know an album plain and simple sucks when it is a comeback release and still no label wants a thing to do with it. Evil Never Dies is the comeback album of '80s metal band Hallows Eve and the band still could not find a label to finance it. The band originally issued it in 2005 - although the production smacks of 1005 - and the disc has now been re-issued by Xtreem Music. Unlike most bands, which wimp out and drift towards less heavy music Hallows Eve has chosen to take the opposite path.
Evil Never Dies is quite easily one of the worst pieces of crap one would hear this year. The band’s music is trite and powerless, the production is styled after '80s demos albeit without the power or clarity and, leaving the worst for last, features vocals so bad they could have emanated from a cough syrup commercial. This is the band that dumped its new singer two years ago so an 'original' member could take over. That is incredible. The vocals of Tommy Stewart are beyond terrible, which is the perfect accompaniment to the non-existent drumming or guitar sound. Is this a joke, perhaps?
A half-decent riff exists somewhere on opener Soldier and the song Sweetest Tongue, Sharpest Tooth attempts some complexity, but E.N.D. should definitely and definitively put and END to Hallow’s Eve’s career for good.
In the '80s this band used to complain about Metal Blade and that label’s lack of support in interviews. The label must have known something it now seems. - Ali “The Metallian”


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