Hamer>>Hammer>>HAMER - POLAND

Hammer - 1989 – Tonpress
Shermann – 1990 - Poko
Terror - 1991 – Muza Polskie

Hammer image
S= Merithum>>Rob Keller [Robert Koehler]>>Merithum

G= Mick Savage [Maciej Sawicz]>>One Nation - Peter Poland [Jaroslaw Kopola]>>Vamp, Lost Boyz

B= Robert Joy [Robert Kurys]>>One Nation – Death Of War, Merithum, Kat>>HARRIS [ADAM JASINSKI]>>Merithum, Kat

D= Derek Cloud [Dariusz Chmura]>>Distillery

History & Biography
Stick with us on this one: The band was founded as Hamer in 1985. The band became Hammer in 1988, added an umlaut upon return in 2002 and again in 2012 and became Hamer again in 2013. The Polish band had released a Poland-only debut in 1989. The group changed to Anglicized names at this point. A second 1991 album was licensed in 1992 by Shark Records for German consumption. SCHH – 1 was a 2003 demo, which only featured Koehler from the old line-up. Singer Robert left at this juncture. The band had a single called The Pact in 2014.

The band was compared to Nuclear Assault.