Holland>>HAMMER - UK

Contract With Hell - 1985

Hammer image
S= Holland>>THE DOG [MARTY WILKINSON]>>South Shields

G= Ice, Black Rose, Holland>>Kenny Nicholson>>Fast Kutz, Black Market, Outrageous Wallpaper, Black Rose - Bad Luck>>BOB HENMAN

B= Lazy Dog>>Graeme Hutchinson

D= Axis, Holland>>MARTY DAY


History & Biography
Hammer was formed by former Holland members, which meant an automatic contractual obligation to Ebony Records. Hammer recorded its album at the Ebony Studio in Hull. The band had a strong hard rock sound and a great song in the album's opening track.

The band suffered a setback when Nicholson left to pursue a heavier musical direction. Hammer replaced Ken with Arty Fixter (previously of Lazy Dog and Treason). The band continued with a more hard rock approach than before. Several demos were recorded, but Ebony Records proprietor, Daryl Johnson, wanted a harder metal sound for the next album. The band disagreed and so Ebony Records did not pick up the option for a second album. Graeme Hutchinson left in 1986 to pursue his business career and was replaced by Brian "Skippy" Wilson (formerly of hard rock act Schizophrenic). The band continued until 1987 when it eventually called it a day. Black Market was a cover band.