Qliphothic Supremacy - 1997 - Northern Darkness
Hierarchy 1999 - 1999 - Northern Darkness
Vicecrown - 2003 - Code666
Gruesome Splendour - 2006 - Cruz Del Sur
You Will Bleed – 2009 - Cruz Del Sur
To Perdition – 2013 – Code666
Adversus – 2019 - Aural

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Deviant Pulse, Stigmhate, Necromass>>NICOLA BIANCHI >>Deviant Pulse, Stigmhate, Necromass - Nefertum, Infernal Angels>>Geny A.>>Nefertum, Infernal Angels – Scavenger>>Andrea Toto>>Scavenger

Frostmoon Eclipse>>Claudio Alcara>>Macabre Omen, Frostmoon Eclipse - Matteo Fantozzi>>Deathrow – Devoured By Hate, SkarreX>>Nicholas [Niccolò Stella]>>SkarreX

Infernal Angels, Obscure Devotion, Aptorian Demon, Frostmoon Eclipse, Hiems>>Gionata Potenti>>Infernal Angels, Obscure Devotion, Aptorian Demon, Frostmoon Eclipse, Hiems, Enthroned, Hobbs’ Angel Of Death, Svlfvr, Acherontas, Fides Inversa, Deathrow, Tumulus Anmatus, Moloch, Kult, Blut Aus Nord, Enepsigos, Cultist, Nubivagant, Chaos Invocation – Shadowsreign, Ade, Massemord, Satanika, Manetheren, Nailed God, Lord Vampyr, Elarmir, Dawn Of A Dark Age, Incantvm>>AETERNUS [DIEGO TASCIOTTI]>>Massemord, Satanika, Nailed God, Lord Vampyr, Elarmir, Dawn Of A Dark Age, Incantvm

History & Biography
Nicola Bianchi formed Handful Of Hate in 1993. The group soon issued a demo called Goetia Summa, which garnered the Italians a deal with Northern Darkness Records. The debut, Qliphothic Supremacy, was issued in late 1996/early 1997. One more album appeared through the label before the parties went their separate ways. The group recorded a promo demo at this point, which brought the group another deal. The band signed with Cruz Del Sur next, albeit for just one record. Gruesome Splendour appeared in November of 2006 after months of delay. Nicola Bianchi left in 2008, but was back a year later. The band had also experienced a similar situation with Code666 to which it returned in 2013. Aural Music was issuing Handful Of Hate’s Adversus in May.

Andrea Toto left in 2021. The group announced new bassist Iblis and an appearance at Death Of Summer Metal Fest in 2022. The band opened for Mayhem and Emperor in Italy in December 2022. Bianchi also joined Necromass on guitar in 2022. The band played the Death Of Summer Fest 2023 and Handful Of Hate 2023 30th Anniversary Celebration in December of the same year.


Every once in a very rare while an album makes its way past the moat, through the portcullis, up the lower levels and into Metallian Towers on the back of the serfs that burns higher and exudes more energy than most men can endure. Handful Of Hate’s Gruesome Splendour is such a body of work. Resplendent with energy, boiling with venom, unmatched in its fury and devoted utterly and purely to death black metal art. Gruesome Splendour is a breath of fiery acrid air in a world bogged down by compromise, trickery and irony. When it comes to black metal this album is it. Matching the energy of Impaled Nazarene, the feel of Dissection, attack of Dark Funeral and rawness of Gorgoroth song after bloody blast delivers in every one of the aforementioned aspects. Shockingly, the band hails from Italy, although given how Noctifer has delivered from that country in the past this fact should not have been a surprise any longer. No wonder Reproach And Blame begins with what can only be a guitar played to the tune of a machine gun. One cannot stop listening to this album. The drum breaks on this thing defy belief. The complex guitar compositions defy the current scene’s talent pool. The album does come with one notable oddity, namely the indistinguishable starts of Theory Of Perfection and Tied, Whipped... Educated or the same repetition at the start of the songs Grotesque In Pleasure, Rotten In Vice and Ejaculation Dementiae.
Weak mortals can count on two things. Firstly, this band underestimates itself given its name and secondly expect nothing less than meeting your fate as did the broken one on the cover. - Ali “The Metallian”


Handful Of Hate