Tales from The Krypt – 2016 – Cult Metal Classics

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L.S.N, Granite Waves, Vermin>>Vince Farrentino>>Groovy Guruz

Larry Farkas – Phil Pedretti

Mark Hayes>>A Sickness Called Conscious

Dave Schlom

History & Biography
The band came together in Torrance California as early as 1983 and kicked out a couple of doomy cassettes. Founding members Mark Hayes and Dave Schlom (original drummer) had replied to an advertisement in Recycler magazine placed by Phil Pedretti, which read "lead guitar player looking for band." They were joined by John Cochran (Vermin, L.S.N., Granite Waves) on second guitar and Robbie Wolfe on vocals. John preferred the new heavy thrash sounds and left to form Vermin. Larry Farkas was added to Hanz Krypt as a second guitar player and both bands went on to play shows together in the Los Angeles area. Hanz Krypt opened for Saint Vitus, Slayer, Robin Trower and Foghat. Vince of Vermin, whose wife Jackie would marry Bill Ward later, would be recruited into Hanz Krypt! The group claims interest from Atlantic Records in 1987 something which fell part due to the band’s drug-addled status. Several members decamped to Black Cauldron. Vince and the other band members had a falling out. The group was on hiatus essentially from the beginning of the ‘90s for twenty years, but managed to compile tracks for a 2016 sampler through Cult Metal Classics called Tales From The Krypt. Vince had his own line-up in California. He was issuing a CD called Prophets of Doom after initially being called Mist And Shadows. Phil was a remaining member. The lone remaining original members operated out of Las Vegas now. Hanz Krypt’s Doomed Planet was a compilation in 2022 featuring all 12 songs that were ever recorded by the band. The announcement missed the band’s old demos.



Hanz Krypt