Teško Vrijeme>>HARD TIME - CROATIA

Kad Poludim... - 1996 - Croatia
No. 3 - 2006 - Croatia
Live In Jabuka - 2008 - Croatia
Rock 'N' Roll - 2016 - Croatia

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G= GORDAN PENAVA - Forsaken, Solo>>Ivan Mihaljevic>>Solo - IGOR LIPOVAČA

B= Undercode>>Dario Sabo - Cota G4, Ivan Mihaljević>>Majkl Jagunic>>Cota G4, Ivan Mihaljević

D= Davor Keranovic - VATROSLAV GMAZ

History & Biography
Zagreb-based Hard Time was formed in 1991 and issued a demo called Kiss My Ass And Go To Hell in 1993. The act had existed for almost a decade as Teško Vrijeme. With any and all members gone, the band had to begin anew in 1996 through Croatia Records. This label is based in Croatia. Kad Poludim... came out in1996. The band had a single in 2001 and a sampler, called Through The Hard Times in 2002, but another record only appeared in 2006. Solo artist Ivan Mihaljevic initially joined part-time in 2005, but by 2008 was a full-time member. The live album featured 20 tracks. A Saxon show in Zagreb in the summer of 2007 was cancelled costing the band the support slot. Hard Time toured Europe in 2007 and did a British run in 2008.

SG Records released the second solo album by Ivan Mihaljevic in 2010. Destination Unknown was recorded in Croatia and alternately featured sung and instrumental pieces. Another album emerged in 2016. Zvonimir Lugarić Zvox became the bassist in 2019. The act was booked for a show called Voodoostock in spring of 2023.



Hard Time