Awaiting Evil – 2008 – Metal Blade
Dawn Of The End – 2013 – Metal Blade
Fear Beyond Lunacy – 2015 – The End
Dying To Exist – 2018 - Combat

Hatchet image
S= Marcus Kirchen>>Tinnitus, Scarecrow, Demon Hammer – JULZ RAMOS

G= Sterling Bailey – JULZ RAMOS – Devastator, Blessed Curse>>Clark Webb – Hemotoxin, Apothesary, Green Death>>CLAYTON CAGLE>>Apothesary, Green Death

B= Dan Voight>>It – Ophiuchus>>Joey Karpowicz>>Ophiuchus – Stagewreck, Ancient At Birth, Anubis>>DEVIN REICHE>>Anubis

D= Dave Wert>>Tinnitus - Iron Assault>>BEN SMITH>>Iron Assault

History & Biography
The Bay Area thrashers were formed in 2006. Frailty Of The Flesh demo was issued in that year. Another disc called Frailty came the year after featuring many of the same songs. Five years after its previous CD, San Francisco thrashers Hatchet would release an album, called Dawn Of The End, on March 5th through The End Records. San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal band Hatchet would issue the follow-up to Dawn Of The End in 2015. The band toured with Flotsam And Jetsam in 2014 and now featured Clayton Cagle on guitar and Ben Smith on drums. Hatchet’s next album, Fear Beyond Lunacy, would be released on October 30th through The End Records. Helstar would tour the USA in November and December of 2016 with Flotsam And Jetsam and Hatchet. Combat Records signed the Bay Area band in 2018 and released a new LP called Dying To Exist on June 22, 2018. This afforded the band the opportunity to tour Europe with Raven. Kataklysm, Krisiun, Exhorder and Hatchet would tour North America in September in 2019.

The members worked on new songs destined for a demo or EP during the pandemic. Bassist Lou Bianco died in 2021.