Infected>>Somuchhate>>HATE - POLAND

Daemon Qui Fecit Terram - 1996 - Vox Mortiis
Lord Is Avenger - 1998 - Vox Mortiis
Cain's Way - 2001 - Apocalypse
Awakening Of The Liar - 2003 - Empire
Anaclasis - 2005 - Listenable
Morphosis - 2008 - Listenable
The Litanies Of Satan - 2009 - Metal Mind
Erebos - 2010 - Listenable
Solarflesh - 2013 - Napalm
Crusade:Zero - 2015 - Napalm
Tremendum – 2017 - Napalm
Auric Gates Of Veles – 2019 – Metal Blade
Rugia – 2021 – Metal Blade

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Mothernight>>ADAM THE FIRST SINNER [ADAM BUSZKO]>>Mothernight - Ralph>>Dark Prophecies - Kaos>>Revelation Of Doom - Moloch, Kriegsmachine>>Destroyer [Konrad Ramotowski]>>Kriegsmachine, Untervoid – Victory Vain, Lost Soul, Extinct God, Vedonist, Devilish Impressions>>DOMIN [DOMINIK PRYKIEL]>>Extinct God, Vedonist, Devilish Impressions

Daniel - Devilyn, Pyorrohea>>Cyprian Konador>>Devilyn, Pyorrohea, Evil Machine, Conquest Icon, Dispheris - Saltus>>Mortifer [Sławomir Kusterka]>>Saltus – Shodan>>TIERMES [TOMASZ SADLAK]>>Shodan

Goetia, Thunderbolt>>Mittloff>>Goetia, Thunderbolt, Dark Prophecies - Saltus, Deaf's Point, Goetia, Pascal, Gortal>>Hellraizer>>Goetia, Pascal, Gortal - Arren, Opus Nocturne, Chaosphere>>Hexen>>Chaosphere - Hell-Born, Lost Soul, Thy Disease, Vader, Christ Agony, Crionics, Antigama, Soul Snatcher, Antigama, Horn Impaler, War-Saw, Redemptor, Thunderwar, Nerve>>Pavulon [Paweå Jaroszewicz]>>Antigama, Soul Snatcher, Antigama, Horn Impaler, War-Saw, Redemptor, Thunderwar, Obscure Sphinx, Nerve, Faust, Batushka, Hellium, Blindead 23, Godslut – Embrional, Neolith, Virgin Snatch, Redemptor, Catharsis, Dira Mortis, Heretique>>Nar-SIL [DANIEL RUTKOWSKI]>>Neolith, Virgin Snatch, Redemptor, Catharsis, Dira Mortis, Heretique

History & Biography
This Polish death/black metal band was formed at the beginning of the 90's in Warsaw and stormed out of the gates with the 1992 demo Abhorrence which was recorded at Power Play Studio. The demo was promoted by Hate Production. A tape called Evil Art followed in 1994 and introduced Daniel on bass, replacing the departed Martin. Ralph joined the band on guitars for 1995's The Unwritten Law. This demo lead to a deal with the Polish magazine-cum-label Vox Mortiis. The same label had previously worked the band's aforementioned third demo.

Lord Is Avenger followed in two years’ time and was itself followed by the Victims MCD. These were recorded at Selani Studio. The band would appear on a Dwell Records Slayer cover CD. Lord Is Avenger album was released on Vox Mortiis as a double-CD along with the first album Daemon Qui Fecit Terram. Daniel would depart in favour of Cyprian.

In September of 2000 Ralph was replaced by Kaos. In 2002 Lord Is Avenger, plus bonus EP songs, would be issued by California's WWIII label under the Holy Dead Trinity title. The WWIII connection had come from WWIII's A&R man who was formerly of Dwell Records. Cain's Way would be recorded and released next, but founding member Mittloff would be the next to leave the kitchen. He would be replaced by Hellrizer. The new line-up would appear at Poland's Thrash Em All Festival.

The band would licence its music to England's Candlelight Records. The same label would release the band's Cain's Way outside Poland. WWIII would take over the product for America.

The band would enter Hertz and Hard Studios in Poland in 2003 and record a new album called Awakening Of The Liar. The band signed to Listenable Records in 2004. Metal Mind and Listenable issued a DVD for the band in 2004 called Litanies Of Satan.

The band’s spring, 2007 tour of Europe with Phazm was cut short due to problems with the promoter. Morphosis was issued in Brazil through Paranoid label. Poland’s Hate issued a live album called The Litanies Of Satan in 2009 featuring a recording from February of 2004. The album was being issued through re-release label, Metal Mind Production. The band announced a European tour with Incantation for January of 2010.

Hate missed the first date of its North American tour of 2011 (alongside Abigail Williams and Melechesh and Rotting Christ) in Springfield, Virginia. The band re-joined the tour in New Jersey. Poland’s Hate signed a deal with Napalm Records later in 2011. The band was touring Europe with Vesania, Negura Bunget, Inferi and Livarkahil. In 2012, Hate completed work on its new album, Solarflesh, due in early 2013 through Napalm Records. Sławomir ‘Mortifer’ Kusterka died in 2013 due to heart problems. In 2014, Hate recruited drummer Pawel "Pavulon" Jaroszewicz known for his work in Crionics, Vader, Decapitated and more. The band was touring Europe with Kampfar. April 2015 saw the return of Europe's HateFest Tour. The bill would be headlined by Six Feet Under and also included Marduk, Vader and Hate! Hate would release a new album, called Tremendum, on May 5th through Napalm Records. Hate signed with Metal Blade in mid-2018. The label was looking to release its next album in mid-2019. Pavulon left in 2020. Hate released a new album, called Rugia, through Metal Blade Records in October 2021. Only Adam was left from the previous album’s line-up. There was a video for the song Resurgence. Belphegor and Hate were opening the I Am Morbid tour in Europe in April 2022. Hate and an iteration of Batushka were touring Canada and the USA together in September and October 2022. The group was booked for Bucharest DeathFest 2024 and Gothoom 2024.


Holy Dead Trinity is actually the compilation of two Poland-only Hate releases which explains the longer-than-average length of the CD. The cover seems to be a photo capture from a computer game, but is quite appropriate for the style. Holy Dead Trinity is pure death metal. Aside from Napalm Death's The Kill which is covered here, the album introduces the quartet as a Deicide-influenced unit which writes potent songs focused on the destruction of Christianity. Having said that two of the musicians on the album are now part of Hate's history. The lyrics are pretty good and in addition to the booklet photograph are more fuel to the fire of death. All in all Hate is another impressive Polish band, next to Vader, Decapitated, Yattering et al, and of interest specially to fans of Deicide circa the Legion album - Ali "The Metallian"