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S= Wrathfist, Gravehome, Okkultum Threat, The Upheaval>>DAMNARE [CENK ANSEN]>>The Upheaval

G= Fatalart, Evilcraft, Rape, Baphomilitia>>UNHOLY NUKLEAR TERRORIST>>Rape, Baphomilitia

B= Fatalart, Evilcraft, Rape, Baphomilitia>>UNHOLY NUKLEAR TERRORIST>>Rape, Baphomilitia

D= Vomitile, Inhearted>>Revolt [Hugo Enrique Olivos]>>Vomitile, Forbidden Rites - War Agenda, Weedwizard, Baleful Abyss>>HAMDI AVCI>>War Agenda, Weedwizard, Baleful Abyss

History & Biography
Unholy Nuklear Terrorist and Damnare came together in 2009 to terrorize Istanbul, the rest of Turkey and Germany with death metal. Mr. Terrorist was on guitar and bass. Mr. Damnare took care of vocals and drums, but concentrated on vocals only as of 2011. Rapevomit was a 2012 split between the band and Rape. Drown In Vomit was a 2013 demo/EP released by Underground Resistance. Several more splits followed with the likes of Ectoplasma and Nunslaughter. Drummer Revolt left after four years of service and suffering and in came H.A. as of 2018.

It is unclear which USA president Unholy Nuklear Terrorist is named after. The band describes its music as Anti Religious Metal Of Death.


This is a short four-track disc featuring a Turkish and an American band sharing the disc equally. The music is great and worth hearing for underground black/death metal bands, but the release has more value than the music alone.
Musically, the Turkish duo specializes in the type of pounding death that fans of Asphyx or Autopsy likely enjoy. The deep growls sit atop of a ritualistic battering ram. The band does speed up on Necro Future, which sounds promising. Nunslaughter picks up the speed on its Fuck The Bastard track. The vocals are hoarse and bestial. Satanic Slut ends the album with a track Nunslaughter fans have surely heard before by now. The riffing is superior and has a crushing blow to it. Too bad about the drum production however.
The album’s insert features lyrics by Nunslaughter, but none by Hatevömit. It is not that the Turks are worried about offending that country’s religious government or sensibilities. Look at the drenched in red cover artwork. It features two Baphometic goats – one representing Hatevömit and the other Nunslaugther – with knives to the throats of a Christian monk and a Muslim Imam.
This cannot end well, after all it is a necro future, but then again it might. To verify hit replay on the CD player. – Ali “The Metallian”