Madbent For Disaster - 2002 - Witches Brew
Thrash 'N' Roll - 2004 - Beer City

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History & Biography
Hatework was formed as a thrash metal band in 1996. The band signed a deal with a local producer and recorded an album only a year later, but because of differences between the producer and band the work was never released. The band kept playing shows and released a demo called Thrashers Attack in 2000. A demo in 2001 got the act a deal with Witches' Brew. Madbent For Disaster was released in 2002. The band supported acts like Raw Power, Tankard and Necrodeath.

Next up was a split 7" for the Italian underground label Dream Evil Records and finally a deal with Beer City. Album number two appeared in July, 2004. Fabio Formenti was the band’s full-time singer. The band split up right after the release of ...The Actual Worst Has Come compilation CD in October of 2007.


It has been a while - fine the recent Exodus album smoked - since Metallian Towers opened its gates and admitted genuine and praiseworthy thrash metal into its hallowed halls. Hatework is the right band to thrash the cobwebs off the walls. This is the band's second album and it is already apparent that these guys mean business. Taking their cues from early Exodus, Sacrifice and above all Tankard (with whom the Italians share many lyrical themes), the Hatework three thrash the wimp to the wall without mercy. The riffs are simple and effective, the speed convincing and the attitude unmistakable. There is a lot of enthusiastic and fun material on this album, but it is never at the expense of earnest power. Raise your cups to the heirs of the thrash metal legacy. - Ali "The Metallian"

The Italian thrash metal unit Hatework is celebrating eight years of existence in 2004. The band has just released a new album for Beer City Records called Thrash 'N' Roll. Sensing a fun time for all, Ali "The Metallian" contacted drummer Lorenzo for an introductory Q&A. Read on to see what Max, Marco and Lorenzo are all about. - 07.09.2004

METALLIAN: Despite being around since 1996, Hatework is hardly a household metal name. Can you give us the rundown on your activities so far?
LO: Well, I don't remember what happened in 1996! I have been completely drunk ever since. No, no, seriously, I have never been drunk, believe me.
Everything began in 1995-1996 with live activity which is a matter of fundamental importance to us still. After a little bit more than one year we recorded a demo and an album which is as yet unreleased because of problems between the band and the producer. After this bad experience it was not easy to start again with dedication, but we persevered and Hatework kept getting gigs, playing live and composing the tracks that ended up on the Thrashers' Attack demo of the year 2000. Most of 2000 and 2001 were spent promoting the band's demo on a live basis and composing tracks for another two-track promo demo which eventually got the band a deal with the German-based label Witches' Brew Records in 2002. Madbent For Disaster, the first official Hatework CD, was finally released then. The year 2003 saw the band participating on a bunch of compilation albums, a split-7" EP for the Italian underground label Dream Evil Records.

METALLIAN: Where does the name Hatework come from?
LO: Hatework means the work-product of Hate. I think that this name is right for the strength and the fury of our music!

METALLIAN: Which was the label for which you recorded your unreleased debut album? Will the songs appear anywhere?
LO: There wasn't one label. At that time we were working with a local producer and the problem was with him. In the beginning we had recorded a demo for him, he gave it to some labels and after some good responses we recorded a whole album, but after the recording session and during the mixing he started to ask us for a lot of money and strange rights to the album and band which was against the agreement made at the beginning. We started to quarrel with him and nothing was completed. After this experience we started to compose other new songs. I don't know why. Maybe because the producer had forced the band to stop its activities for a year or more. Anyway, as soon as we left him we suddenly started to play live and come up with new ideas again. As far as those songs go we will never be able to release them. Honestly, I am now not interested in re-recording or playing them live because we were seventeen then. Some of the riffs were good, but I think that what we play today is better.

METALLIAN: Hatework is easily comparable to Tankard. Is this a tiring comparison or do you see merit in the analogy?
LO: Tankard are good friends of ours. We have completed two Italians tour with them. They are are a sort of teachers of life to us - especially in drinking (laughs). Yes, perhaps you can find an analogy but I don't think it's in the music or in the lyrics, but in the attitude towards playing thrash metal. When we compose our music we don't say "hey, new songs must be in the Tankard style or Kreator style!" We try to play in the Hatework style!

METALLIAN: Why did you leave the Witches Brew label?
LO: ...Because they had a good name which was very close to our attitude. No, I am just joking. Beer City had offered us a better support and distribution possibility and so we decided to work with them. We are very very happy with them because they are working hard to promote and distribute our new album. They give us the opportunity to spread our name in the USA as well.

METALLIAN: Speaking of which, how did you guys find each other?
LO: We had heard mention of Beer City and I sent them a rehearsal of some new songs. Mike at Beer City had listened to the songs and then offered us a contract with his label. It was the same thing with Witches Brew.

METALLIAN: Does real thrash metal have a future on the scene? How do you compare yourself with the originators?
LO: I don't know! Of course, it's not a good age for metal, but I don't know the future. I only hope that everything will work out. As far as Exodus or Death Angel and the originators, .the difference is that they are the creators of thrash metal. Hatework only plays it. Of course, we play in the Hatework style and with some new ideas.

METALLIAN: In that case, what is new with the band and where do you go from here?
LO: I don't know, but we are working very hard to earn a lot of money and to get many women (laughs). No, seriously for now we are writing several new songs and planning several gigs and mini-tours for next winter.

METALLIAN: We have received reports that your town's elders had you gagged and bound for days in order to force-feed you wine, pizza and olive oil. Has it cured you of your beer tendencies?
LO: You forget to mention grappa, pasta and lasagne. We actually have all sorts of tendencies - not only beer. Anyway the good Italian beer is very very good. Take for example Menabrea beer from Biella which is really the best. I am hoping that after this interview they will send me a one-year supply of free beer supply (laughs).

The band's thrashing barrel of fun, Thrash 'N' Roll, is now out.