Collisioncoursewithnoplace - 1995 - Massacre

Hatrix image
S= NI4NI, White Heat, Purgatory>>JEFF HATRIX>>Mushroomhead, Purgatory

G= Purgatory, Centurion, Integrity>>DAVE FELTON>>Purgatory, Mushroomhead, Centurion, Integrity, Kriadiaz - Trëllebörg>>MARKO VUKCEVICH>>Mushroomhead

B= KEVIN SKELLY>>Integrity

D= Trëllebörg, Mushroomhead, Integrity>>STEVE FELTON>>Mushroomhead, Integrity, Scelestus

History & Biography
Hatrix was an Ohio, USA band formed as early as 1989. A demo called My Asylum appeared in 1990. This was followed by 1992's Revolution compilation. The band had played the local scene opening for such bands as Trouble, Sacred Reich and Overkill. An independent release in 1993 was another version of Revolution and the band soon signed with Massacre Records for a debut which featured many of the same songs.

Most of the band ended up in mallcore act Mushroomhead. Hatrix had broken up in 1996, but of course re-appeared in 2003. That did not last.