Primitive Humans Desecration – 2010 – Humanity’s Plague
Voices Of The Ultimate Possession – 2012 – Those Opposed
A Necessary Dehumanization – 2014 - Misanthropic Art
N.A.H.A.S.H – 2017 -Throats
15 Years Of True Black Metal: Live At Heretic Metal Fest 2020 – 2020 - Terrorist Black Kult
Y.A.HW.E.H – 2022 - Osmose

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Balaam, Lord Ketil, Antilife>>PSYCHO>>Balaam, Lord Ketil, Antilife

Abystrum - SOGGOTH


Hellchant>>PSYCHO>>Hellchant – Cave Growl, Moonreich, The Negation, Ishtar, Neptrecus, Griffon>>KRYOS>>Ishtar, Neptrecus, Griffon

History & Biography
Hats Barn – because Caps Stable was taken – was founded in Lille, France in 2005 and issued a demo called Total Genocide Devastation the year after. A couple of anti-underground boys in their mother’s basements re-released this demo over the years. The band had a split release with the Nazi Victoire Païenne next. Presumably, these boys were proud of their countries being vanquished and invaded by the Germans. Hats Barn, which denied any NSMBM connection, itself had nice song titles like Holocauste, Marche Ou Crêve and Solution Finale, which references the extermination of Jews. The CD-R featured a Nazi on its cover. The band covered Burzum next and released a compilation with friendly titles like Kristallnacht and Ultime Genocide. The 2010 demo Following The Path Of Destruction was re-issued through Ars Funebris Records. The same year yielded the band’s full-length, Primitive Humans Desecration. This was delayed by more than a year before finally being released. The band was the duo of Abystrum and Psycho. The latter had founded the band as a solo act before being joined by the former who would stay until 2016. The band hit Portugal in 2010.

Ogmios Underground issued a 2018 EP called S.h.e.o.L. A live album arrived in 2020. Kryos was on drums replacing the concert member Haine. Osmose Productions release Y.A.HW.E.H, the 2022 album by France-based black metal band Hats Barn on CD in June. An LP version would follow. Soggoth was on guitar. Tyrmfar, Hats Barn, Doodswens and Gorgoroth were touring Europe in 2023. The band appeared at Metaldays 2023. The act was booked to play in Mexico with Hyrgal, but with the latter band cancelling the Canadian act Trépas stepped in.

The band had begun with lyrics written in French before gradually transitioning to English. The band’ monicker is Norwegian given Psycho’s Norwegian black metal influences.



Hats Barn