This Violent Earth - 2002 - Root Of All Evil
Cycle Of Pain - 2005 - Indecent Media

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S= John Mallek>>Lucifer's Limited Company LLC. – Gangland, Unleashed Power>>TIM BOUCHEE


B= Dave Ludwig - Testament, Flange>>Greg Christian>>Testament, Trinity Fallen, Trauma, Wreck-Defy, Hand Of Fire

D= Malicious Onslaught>>Ovie Rodriguez - Southern Shift, Hades>>Ron Lipnicki>>Overkill

History & Biography
Havochate was formed in 1998 in New York by Ovie Rodriguez and Freddy Ordine. The band issued a three-song demo CD in 2001. The US Midwest-based Root Of All Evil soon signed the band and issued the band's debut. The album was produced by none other than James Murphy. The band soon opened for Motörhead and Anthrax, but by the time the band toured with Overkill original singer John Mallek was gone. In 2004 Ovie Rodriguez and Dave Ludwig left their band. Oddly enough the replacements were two former Testament members, drummer John Dette and bassist Greg Christian. Dette would not remain in the band and former Hades drummer Lipnicki would record Cycle Of Pain at Pyramid Studio with producer Alex Perialis. Ovie Rodriguez would soon re-join the fold however. The second album came out in May, 2005. The band split up, did not like bagging groceries at the store and reunited in 2011. The band played a couple of concerts with the last one in 2015. The act was in studio recording in 2018, but then went silent.


Cycle Of Pain is the second album of American heavy/thrash metal band Havochate, a band with a few familiar names within its ranks. The group features former Testament bassist Greg Christian, while drumming on this album was performed by former Hades drummer Ronnie Lipnicki. It is perhaps a coincidence that Havochate bears some similarity to Testament, but the comparison is valid former member or not. Within the grooves of this record one will find faster hardcore moments, standard thrashing craze and more regular and melodic heavy metal tunes. The latter's best examples are probably the songs Fiction and Wicked. The main criticism musically is the occasional over-drumming. The emphasis on cymbals is an occasional cause for consternation. The vocals are either growled, harmonized or sung at a high pitch with all three styles often found on the same song. Whichever the emphasis, Havochate is pure molten metal and nothing but. - Ali "The Metallian"