Burn - 2009 - Candlelight
Time Is Up - 2011 - Candlelight
Unnatural Selection - 2013 - Candlelight
Conformicide – 2017 – Century Media
V – 2020 - Century Media

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DDC>>DAVID SANCHEZ - Shawn Chavez – Monolith, Go Smack Alice, Machine Head>>REECE SCRUGGS>>Monolith, Go Smack Alice, Machine Head

Jessie De Los Santos – The Absence>>Michael Leon>>The Absence, Soulfly - Cephalic Carnage, AinMatter, Job For A Cowboy, Reign Of Vengeance>>Nick Schendzielos>>Cephalic Carnage, AinMatter, Job For A Cowboy, Reign Of Vengeance – BRANDON BRUCE

Ryan Bloom>>Bloodstrike – Ravage>>PETE WEBBER

History & Biography
Havok is a thrash metal band from Denver. The group was formed in 2004 and almost immediately began experiencing rhythm section line-up problems. The humourously titled Thrash Can demo showed up in 2005 and was followed by Murder By Metal. The fun ‘n games continued with 2007’s Pwn ‘Em All (A recycling of Thrash Can). This came true when Candlelight signed the band in 2008. The band was completing its debut album, titled Burn. The band lost drummer Ryan Bloom in April of 2009. Denver, Colorado’s Havok kicked off its US tour at the White Rabbit in San Antonio, Texas in late 2010. The band's latest jaunt would wind through over two weeks worth of dates before drawing to a close in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The band was joined by Wretched and Armed For The Apocalypse.

Time Is Up, the band's follow-up to Burn, was the new album of US thrashers Havok. Candlelight Records released it on March 29th. It featured ten tracks mixed by James Murphy. Havok, which recently toured with Forbidden, embarked on a support trek in the autumn of 2011 alongside headliners Exhumed, Goatwhore and Cephalic Carnage. Set to commence on October 26th in New Mexico, the tour travelled through two-dozen cities and come to a close in Flagstaff, Arizona on November 20. Candlelight released Havok’s Point Of No Return EP in May of 2012. Candlelight Records announced June 25th as the release date for Unnatural Selection, the 2013 album from Denver thrashers Havok. The ten-song album was produced by David Sanchez and mixed by Terry Date. The band was touring Europe with Suffocation and Cephalic Carnage.

In the summer of 2014, the band signed with Century Media. The band was also touring Europe. In May of 2015, Shawn Tyler Chavez, a former guitarist of Denver, Colorado’s Havok died at the age of 30. He was in the band until 2010. A reason for the death was not offered. Nick Schendzielos of Cephalic Carnage joined on bass. In 2016, Battlecross was part of the second installment of The Winter Warriors Tour to Eastern US and Canadian markets in honour of American killers in the US armed forces. Joining this thrash bill were Havok, Nekrogoblikon and Black Fast. The band was kicked off the Megadeth tour with Suicidal Tendencies, Amon Amarth and others after refusing to sign a management deal with Justis Mustaine, the son of Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine. The band deemed the contract unacceptable. Justis had been working with Havok for a year and claimed he had been compensated poorly and hence wanted to make his income official as an “industry standard” 15%. Havok had a new album called Conformicide in March 2017. It was released on the 10th through Century Media Records. Overkill would headline the 2017 edition of the Metal Alliance Tour with openers Crowbar, Havok, Black Fast and Invidia. Havok released a new album, entitled V, through Century Media Records in May. The band had a video for the song Phantom Force. Machine Head recruited Havok's Reece Alan Scruggs to play guitar on its 2022 Electric Happy Hour (Live) tour. Guitarist "Vogg" Kiełtyka was unavailable as he was busy with Decapitated. The band toured with Toxic Holocaust, opened for In Flames and was booked for Mexico City's Hell & Heaven Festival in 2023. Exodus was to conduct The Battle Of ’24 tour that autumn. It was to feature support from Havok and crossover acts Candy and Dead Heat.


This is not that Burn and it is not the '70s. Burn is the '80s though. Thrash metal from the '80s!
As Candlelight readily acknowledges the last couple of years has seen a steady rise in the currency of thrash metal from Kreator and Sodom releasing great albums to Exodus returning and proving itself viable to newcomers like Warbringer and Mantic Ritual picking up the mantle making hey out of the sound of the forerunners the thrash resurgence is undeniable and has now reached Candlelight. Havok hails from that hotbed of thrash metal insanity (well, not really..) Denver and sure hits the nail on the head. Burn is a little early Nuclear Assault, Meagdeth’s Rust In Peace era and a lot more Testament and a vocalist who does a fine job of being Chuck Billy. The Havokers are tight and aggressive, but take a few listens to sink in (their teeth). The band’s limited soloing is a shame because, while not being Alex Skolnick, Sanchez and Chavez can rip into a solo in impressive manner. The album’s cover artwork leaves a little to be desired, but that is part of its geniuinosity perhaps. The lyrics to The Root Of Evil hint at a certain Christian morality and inference, which only means that the band has booked itself early. Everyone knows that all Americans grow old and scared and turn full on Christian at some point.
Havok’s Burn: a little bit of the past and a little bit of the future. Now. - Ali “The Metallian”